National Cyber Olympiad Haryana State Topper Mehul Arora

Mehul Arora – Haryana State Topper of 13th National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)

Computer is not merely a game for a ten year old bright student of class 5, although he did started his computer romance by playing computer games. Mehul Arora is the Haryana State Topper of 13th National Cyber Olympiad (NCO). Mr. Anurag Arora and Ms. Deepika Arora are the proud parents of this young bright kid. Today, Computer holds the key to his future as his aspiration is to become an IT professional, not because of his parents, but because he is in love with Computer. Mehul is busy learning Python programming language these days and dreams to contribute towards the development of future technologies to create better lives for humans.

Motivation for Many Other National Cyber Olympiad Aspirants

Mehul Arora is the motivation for many other NCO aspirants. When most of the students of his age group are complaining about shortage of time, Mehul says – “Time has never been a constraint for me. Apart from everything else I always manage to go out and play every day with my friends. I have a fixed timetable for everything which enables me to complete my homework, do extra studies, watch TV and play on computer.” He also enjoys surfing Internet, reading books such as Inventions and Discoveries, story books as well as novels.

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Better SEO Means Reduce Page Load Time and Increase Site Load Speed

Better SEO is Dynamic SEO

Google is behind the evolution of better SEO. Content is the king and quality is pushed at the top of Google SERP because one of the largest search engine leaders Google is changing the rules of the SEO on an ongoing continuous basis. Today’s SEO is not what it was yesterday and tomorrow’s SEO would not remain what it is today. SEO rules are changing, SEO techniques are changing and so the the world of Internet is also changing. It would not be wrong to use the word “Dynamic SEO”, rather than SEO because of the ongoing changes in Google’s search engine algorithms.

Reduce page load time - increase website speed - better seo

Fast Loading Sites are Liked by Search Engines and Loved by Humans

Google believes that a fast Internet is the right of each and every Internet surfer or a digizen. It is because of this reason that the page load time and website load speed has been considered as one of the important factors in Google’s search engine algorithms. In order to rank higher in Google SERP, every Webmaster and every site owner must place a priority to reduce the page load time of their site as well as increase the website load speed.A professional site optimizer can get sites run super fast, but by following some of the basic site optimization rules, anyone can get a moderate level reduction in page load time and a moderate level increment in website load speed time.

The success of online businesses is dependent on the site speed load time because a slow loading site is discarded by most of the users. The world is running fast and if a site is not opened within the first three seconds of supplying the URL, readers will leave the site and will never return back again. Better SEO helps in retaining readers on the site and also helps in reducing the bounce rate.

Improve the Landing Page Load Time for Better SEO

The landing page of any site is most important because the readers are using it as a gateway to your site. It is like a showroom, displaying everything that an online business is capable of doing. You have everything from your site showcased on the homepage, but you must check if it is densely populated ! As the size of your page increases, the page load time also increases. In general, the page load time for 1 MB page should be 1 second, for 2 MB page 2 seconds and for 3 MB page, the page load time should not be more than 3 seconds.  A very simple and straightforward advice – KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid). Populate the home page of your site carefully so that it does not carries anything not needed. For better SEO of your landing page, only use the minimal objects on it.

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Increased Page Load Time is Detrimental to Online Business

Page Load Time Translates Success of Online Business

I have been working with one of the best Site Speed Optimization Expert – Mark de Scande from the last couple of months. His page speed optimization skills had been a great learning experience for me. The use of cache plugins, site tests, site speed test results, site speed analysis, site speed comparisons and tweaking the configurations at the core WordPress files, so much to learn and understand. This post is dedicated to my speed optimization master and teacher. A small and simple new year gift to the man full of skills and knowledge. Above all, he is a great human being. Thanks Mark for making me learn so much in such a short span of time. It is just a small fragment of whatever I have learned from you.

increased page load time detrimental to online business

Page Load Time and Online Businesses

The success to any online business is dependent on its Google Rank, the position on which a website is fetched on Google SERP against the related keyword search. Most of the online businesses, in fact, all the online businesses are working hard to get their sites on the first page of Google search result page. SEO dynamics are changing than ever before as Google is getting smarter day by day. Today, page load time is a priority for Google because digizens have the right to fast Internet, therefore the survival of online businesses is dependent on the site’s page load time. Relationship between page load time of a site and the profit of the business is simple to understand. More is the page load time, less is the profit and vice versa. Page load time has become supplementary to the success of any online business these days.

Search Engine Algorithms are Changing at a Fast Pace

Google Penguin update, Google Panda update, Google Hummingbird update and the latest in the series – Google Holiday Update for Google shopping experiences are attracting attention of SEO Analysts, Webmasters and Site owners at large. Content is the king and will remain the king always because Internet is all about creation and dissemination of information and knowledge. At the same time, the information must reach to the users at the speed of thought. Today, page load time is one of the most important factors in Google search engine algorithms.

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Real and Active Twitter Followers Help Businesses In SMM Activities

Twitter Followers – a Leading Social Media Marketing Tool

Twitter is creating new waves in the business world. It comes with a strong powerful approach to direct Internet traffic to blogs and sites. It is one of the best social media marketing tools refining the concept of micro-blogging. In simple words, you cannot have messages longer than 140 characters because twitter was primarily designed and developed to deliver text on mobile. Twitter is more like a message update service. You have something on the wall and you want to inform everyone – go and check it out. You create a list of people who are following you and join the list of other people, whom you are following. You build Twitter Followers and also be a Twitter Follower to others.

Twitter Followers

Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Tool for Successful Businesses

Today, many companies are using Twitter as an inexpensive marketing channel to reach the masses, more like the number of footfalls expected in a seminar or exhibition, just like the big banners put along the streets to gain attention of prospective customers. Twitter being an online social media platform promises the magic of social media mass advertising to you and your business. If you have a Twitter account, you can get followers on twitter and then whatever message you want to convey to the world, you can easily do it with a click. More are your followers, better is your reach and better is your business growth trend.

How to get more twitter followers on your twitter account ?

The simplest and easiest method would be to buy twitter followers against a nominal charge by many companies who are selling it, but a real factual question pops up – Does buying twitter follower helps you get real followers on twitter, capable of adding any value to your business!

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How Google Stole Yahoo Spotlight, Emerging as a Search Engine Leader ?

Growth of Google as a Search Engine Leader
Google has become a synonym for search engine by positioning itself on top of all other search engine providers in the market with Yahoo being left far behind in the race. Google stole yahoo spotlight by emerging as search engine leader. The latest Google search engine algorithm update HummingBird seems to take them ahead with their much talked about Panda and Penguin updates, which were launched prior to HummingBird. Today, Google is running ahead as a clear winner in the landscape of search engines. Googling – a very common term used by us means searching on Google. Every 6.5 out of 10 users are using Google search engine for searching information over the Internet. On the contrary, Yahoo has only 3 out of 25 users on an average. Whether Google Stole or Won the Spotlight from Yahoo is a matter of prejudice, dependent on our own perception about Google’s strategy. 

Google stole Yahoo spotlight

Growth Pattern of Google

Doing a careful analysis at some statistics available over the Internet, I found that one third of the world’s online advertising share falls in the lap of Google. Looking at the growth pattern, I realized that Google’s net revenue is rising at the rate of more than 65% on quarterly basis. Google is growing 7 times faster than its one time closest competitor Yahoo, whereas Yahoo is now lagging far behind than Google. Today, Google is seen as the king of search engine world, without having any competitor visible even far off in the complete landscape of different search engines.

Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

The biggest reason behind Google’s success story is their efficiency in offering the most relevant quality content from the huge sea of information scattered over the Internet. It is like finding a pearl from the depth of ocean. There are other search engines too but none as good as Google, at least, the population of digizens think this way.

Right from the beginning, they had a long term objective of providing the best and the most relevant results to their users. If a search engine is capable of providing what the user needs, there is no reason that can stop a huge wave of online traffic swarming to your site. Google has worked hard to attract a huge wave of traffic on their search engine and they have even succeeded up to a large extent.

Google started with a small search engine to write their success story – Google Search Engine. Yahoo might not have even anticipated in the beginning that such a small idea of search engine was going to pull them down from the market.

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Google HummingBird Algorithm Update to Collect Nectar from Internet

Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update

First, it was Google Penguin update, then Google Panda update and now Google HummingBird update, which was officially released on September 26, 2013. Google seems to be quite fascinated with animals and birds to reign the world of information for Humans. Google continued to name their Google search engine algorithm updates in the name of some animals and birds. It seems as if Google is trying to collect the sweetest nectars from the different flowers blooming in the garden of Internet.

Google HummingBird Update

Google Hummingbird for Better Search Results

Now, the billion dollar question is whether Google is really going to pick up the best flowers from Internet using their latest Google HummingBird SEO Search Engine Algorithm update or not! Amit Singhal, Senior Vice President of Search at Google has officially declared in the official release that latest Google HummingBird update is going to affect more than 90% searches done on Google. Another question, how about the rest 10% and I am sure Google is going to take care of the rest 10% search results in their next Google HummingBird Algorithm update.

Google Hummingbird update is not exactly an update but a substitute to the previous search engine algorithms launched by Google in the past. Caffeine Update was the last complete replacement experienced by the Internet from Google and now it is HummingBird while Penguin and Panda were nothing more than the updates to their existing search algorithm.

Hummingbird is an Innovative Google Search Engine Concept 

Danny Sullivan has also made an analysis that Google HummingBird update is not actually an update but a complete replacement to the old search engine of Google. In simple words, we can say that it may be marked as a big and loud CHANGE in the history of Internet and may take away the sleeps of many Webmasters and site owners quite shortly. The rules of the Industry are changing once again, ready to sweep out many businesses out of the Internet and inviting some new and fresh entries in the world of Internet.

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Google SEO & Pagerank Taking Google on a Slow Suicidal Death Track !

Evolution of Google as a Strong Internet Authority

If you are one of the Digizens (digizen means ‘a citizen of digital world’), belonging to the world of Internet then you must be well aware about Google, Google SEO optimization techniques, Google Pagerank Algorithms and also about the latest Google Penguin and Google Panda updates. You must also be aware of the fact that Google is trying to rule the world of Internet by dominating anything and everything happening over the Internet through their Search Engine Optimization and Pagerank Algorithms. Google has emerged as an authority of Internet today and most of the digizens are following the rules written by Google. 

Is Google Really Heading Towards a Slow Suicidal Death Track !

Google SEO and Google PagerankNow, let us get back to the topic – “Google SEO & Google Pagerank Heading Towards a Slow Suicidal Death Track !” that has been crawling in my mind from the last couple of months. It is even hard for me to believe and reason about whether Google is slowly heading towards a death track or not.

My conscious and subconscious mind have been debating and fighting against each other from the last couple of months, backed up and supported by lots of logic and reasoning. It was high time and I finally took the decision to expose my thoughts about the suicidal track of Google SEO Optimization techniques to the world.

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Importance of Google SEO Optimization for Bloggers

Google SEO Optimization for Bloggers is quite similar to inviting guests over a grand party hosted by you and that is why Google SEO optimization is very very important for each and every blogger. Your party may be grand and rich in content and quality but without guests arriving at your grand party, it won’t be of much use. The life of a party exists in guests and without guests, it would be a party without any life. Don’t you agree with me!

Google SEO Optimization

Blog Without Readers Is Like A Party Without Guests

The party may have all the delicacies in form of yummy delicious range of food, all the favourite drinks, rich joyful events and several other rich sources of fun and enjoyment but just think once about the state of the party when the guests don’t turnover at your grand party.


Google SEO Optimization Attracts Organic Traffic / Unique Visitors

Today, Google is considered as one of the best sources to attract organic traffic to our blogs and sites. Google also directs unique visitors to our blogs or sites and if the bloggers want to keep the flow of unique visitors at their blogs and sites then there is no other way out than to work hard at optimizing their sites or blogs keeping in mind the Google SEO optimization techniques.

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Kitchen Sink Buying Guide for Kitchen Countertops

Gone are the days when the kitchen designers were focussed only towards the aesthetic looks of a kitchen. Kitchen under mount sinks, drop in or top mounted sinks, kitchen apron front sinks also known as kitchen farm house sinks are some of the various types of kitchen sinks available for your specific kitchen countertops. You need to understand some basic points before making a good kitchen sink buying decision either to set up a modern, efficient & smart kitchen or for kitchen remodelling.

Kitchen Sink Buying Guide for Kitchen countertopsWhy Choosing Kitchen Sink for Kitchen Countertops is Difficult !

How to choose kitchen sink for kitchen countertops is one of the most important question that needs to be answered by anyone setting up a kitchen. Whether you are working towards setting up a new kitchen in a newly built house or working on a kitchen remodelling project for a makeover of your old existing kitchen.

Difference Between Building a New Kitchen and Kitchen Remodelling

Building a new kitchen gives you much more options as compared to kitchen remodelling. During a kitchen remodelling, it is expensive to change the kitchen countertops, although if you are under a good budget then you can also change the kitchen countertops. Size of the cabinet is other major limitation as well as the empty space under the kitchen sink. You can easily switch to kitchen under mount sinks for increasing the depth of the kitchen sink during the kitchen remodelling with the help of expert installers.

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Successful Small Business Ideas – Inception to Implementation

Successful business ideas are never small enough that cannot be transformed into a big successful reality. Drowning yourself theoretically even into the most successful small business ideas may not fetch the results as desired, unless and until you have the zeal and enthusiasm to grow a big tree from a small seed. Successful small businesses or even successful big businesses aren’t available on sale in the market. All of us have an inbuilt power to nurture the smallest businesses ideas into big successful businesses.

successful small business ideasIngredient of a Successful Small Business Recipe

A few simple steps, some tips and tricks, active presence of mind and lots of common sense is the key behind each and every successful small business. Every business starts with a small inception that has a strong potential to touch the heights of Success. You need to act as the fuel of your small business ideas to make it as big as you desire and earn as much money as you can think.

Successful Small Business Ideas Inception

Inception of a small business idea can only take place in your own mind and believe me, it always starts with something as small as that can be easily neglected. Think twice before throwing away your idea into the garbage bin. You never know, it may have a hidden fortune for you. Look around yourself and then try to understand your strength and weaknesses. Do something that you are best at and don’t hesitate whether it is small or big.

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