• Gold and White or Blue and Black Dress

    Gold and White or Blue and Black Colored Dress

    Gold White or Blue Black Color Dress! The Internet seems to be broken with a group of people claiming a dress color as White and gold, while another group of people claiming the dress color as Black and Blue. White and gold or black and …

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  • National Cyber Olympiad Haryana State Topper Mehul Arora

    National Cyber Olympiad Haryana State Topper

    National Cyber Olympiad is one of the most challenging competitions to test the interest of young IT enthusiasts. Competition is tough, but the aspirations of these young enthusiastic kids are high. Mehul Arora topped 13th NCO competition from Haryana State. He shares his winning strategy to help many other NCO aspirants by talking about his studying methodology, NCO books and NCO study materials.

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  • Page Speed Optimization Header

    How to Improve Site SEO by Improving Site Load Speed ?

    Search engine optimization is quite important to increase your visibility on Internet. No doubt, it also helps you attract organic traffic but many site owners have overlooked the impact of site load speed on their site SEO. Even Google has officially declared that they do consider site load time while ranking sites on SERP. Improving site load speed must be a part of your SEO strategy, but do you know How and Why ?

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  • increased page load time detrimental to online business

    Why High Page Load Time is Bad for Online Businesses ?

    Online business industry is booming. SEO, SMM and SEM are only some of the techniques used by many companies to build a strong online reputation in the the market. What if I tell you that page load time of your site is equally important too ! Do you know Google considers site speed as an important site ranking factor for placing your site on Google SERP ! How do you feel when a website takes too much time to load on your browser ! High page load time is bad for online businesses, How ?

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  • Twitter Followers

    Real Twitter Followers Promote Online Businesses for SMM

    Twitter is the top micro blogging platform used by some of the best online marketers to launch many SMM activities. Small, crispy and to the point approach are some of the characteristics of this popular social media marketing activity. Some buy fake followers while some others earn real and active Twitter followers. Who is your real helper out of the two types of Twitter followers ! How can they help you promote your online business effectively for reaching out to mass market ?

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  • Google stole Yahoo Spotlight

    How Google Stole Yahoo Spotlight as a Search Engine Leader ?

    Yahoo WAS one of the leading search engine providers but not any more. Google has captured around 80% of global search market as they are now leaders in offering best of the best search engine technology. Today, No other search engine company is doing web search better than Google. It has been an interesting success journey for Google to defeat Yahoo in the race of search engine providers. How Google stole Yahoo spotlight by emerging as the most popular search engine leader !

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  • Google HummingBird Update

    Google HummingBird Algorithm Update Collects Internet Nectar

    Google hummingbird is known to be the biggest algorithm update in Google search engine industry, a complete overhaul of Google search engine. It is launched with an objective to collect Internet nectar by fighting against spammy websites. Some guidelines, some rules, some policies incorporated in Google hummingbird algorithm are going to evaluate your site on spammy scale, but how do you get safe out of it ?

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  • Google SEO and Google Pagerank

    Google SEO & Pagerank Pushing Google on Suicidal Death Track !

    Frequent search engine algorithm updates seem to be turning the search industry upside down. As soon as you settle down on something, it gets either changed or eliminated. During last couple of years, Google SEO has changed as never before but what is the impact of these frequent changes. Are these changes pushing Google on a slow suicidal death track !

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  • Google SEO Optimization

    Importance of Google SEO Optimization for Bloggers

    Web traffic is the soul of any website and without this soul, the site gets to a dead end. A site starving for traffic is of no use, just like a party without guests. As a blogger or site owner, we must optimize our sites for SEO, but implement only white hat SEO techniques instead of using any black hat SEO technique. Importance of Google SEO optimization is far more important than what we may perceive in the beginning.

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  • Kitchen Sink Buying Guide for Kitchen tops

    Kitchen Sink Buying Guide for Kitchen Countertops

    Different types of kitchen sinks are available in the market as it is not a one fit all solution. Kitchen under mount sinks, drop in or top mounted sinks, farm house sinks are only some of the most common kitchen sinks sold in the market. Analyse your requirement against your budget before buying a kitchen countertop for your kitchen. A detailed analysis of the various options can help you take an informed buying decision.

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