HTC First Smartphone With Facebook Home

Facebook Home Bundled in HTC First Smartphone

There is a good news for all die hard fans of Facebook as revealed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on 4 April 2013. Facebook Home would be another freely downloadable apps on the latest Android smartphones from 12 April 2013 onwards. The rivalry between Android and iPhone is going to take a new twist as Facebook Home comes packaged with HTC First.

HTC First Phone Facebook HomeThe pre-booking of HTC First is already open with AT&T at their official website for $99.99 Its a good news for all FB fans who don’t want to miss the excitement of being the first Facebook Home users. Open market is going to offer both Facebook Home and Facebook First on 12 April 2013. It is coming with a new philosophy of prioritizing people before apps, a new experience offering the best of Android and its apps in opening a new window of socialization.

Home would be freely downloadable from Google Play starting 12 April 2013, although you need to check whether your phone supports Facebook Home. Initially, it is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One X and HTC One X+ and a couple of other smartphones such as HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 scheduled to be launched later this year. Nokia is completely out of this excitement because of its non compatibility with Android OS.

Facebook Home Features

Looking at the features of Facebook Home, we found that it promises cover feed that is going to substitute your lock screen and home screen. It creates a new window wherein FB is the first thing that you see on your phone. Any status update, any new posting, any comment, any picture upload or any other activity going around is popped up automatically on cover feed and you save yourself from opening the application and then checking it.

Another feature of Facebook First comes with the promise of chat heads. It allows in multitasking thereby promising a better chat experience even when you are working on other apps. Whatever you might be doing on your phone, the friend message pops up on your screen, although you have the freedom to move it around as well as send responses immediately. You are free to check your mail, listen music, play games, browse the web or anything that you can practically do on your phone without bothering about missing IMs from friends.

It seems that Home is going to be the new version of Facebook. The philosophy is simple and much in line with the Sixth Sense Technology. Technology is in putting the life at ease and not in complicating it with a complex structure. The user is not concerned how efficient and great designer you are but is more interested in how productive and easy the application could be to use. A successful technology simulates the actions of our physical world into the technical world and not vice versa. Technology is meant for us and not that we are meant for the technology.

Facebook has already changed the lives of people, has given a new meaning to the social interactions. FB Home has lots of expectations from the market nothing less than the way market has expectations from it. Everything would be clear as soon as the application gets live in the hands of users. World is changing and so are the computing devices as well as the modes and methods of computing. After all, change is the basic law of nature that never changes.

Many more features would be revealed and shared as we cross 12 April 2013. Keep yourself tuned and we will keep you updated about all the happenings that have the powerful impacts in changing  our lives.

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  1. Amrish
    AmrishAugust 6,13

    That all in marketing idea Ashutosh . We all know that face is most used by the youngster and that is the reason HTC done implement this marketing strategy

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraAugust 6,13

      Yes Amrish. You are right, it is all about marketing ideas as every business is trying their best to capture the market by either fulfilling the needs of the market or creating new needs in the market. Another good marketing idea implemented by HTC First to bring Facebook home preloaded on this phone.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable comment.

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