Google SEO & Pagerank Pushing Google on Suicidal Death Track !

Google SEO and Pagerank Emerging as Strong Internet Authority

If you are one of the Digizens (digizen means ‘a citizen of digital world’), belonging to the world of Internet then you must be well aware about Google, Google SEO optimization techniques, Google Pagerank Algorithms and also about the latest Google Penguin and Google Panda updates. You must also be aware of the fact that Google is trying to rule the world of Internet by dominating anything and everything happening over the Internet through their Search Engine Optimization and Pagerank Algorithms. Google has emerged as an authority of Internet today and most of the digizens are following the rules written by Google.

Is Google Really Heading Towards a Slow Suicidal Death Track !

Google SEO and Google PagerankNow, let us get back to the topic – “Google SEO & Google Pagerank Heading Towards a Slow Suicidal Death Track !” that has been crawling in my mind from the last couple of months. It is even hard for me to believe and reason about whether Google is slowly heading towards a death track or not.

My conscious and subconscious mind have been debating and fighting against each other from the last couple of months, backed up and supported by lots of logic and reasoning. It was high time and I finally took the decision to expose my thoughts about the suicidal track of Google SEO Optimization techniques to the world.

Monopoly of Google in Search Engine Industry

I know most of you would get shocked by just reading the title of this post and thinking about – Suicidal Death Track and Google NO WAY, you must be kidding man! I know most of you won’t believe it. After all, Google is enjoying limelight of success and control on the digizens as well as the world of Internet today without any close competitors visible anywhere around. I also know that most of you can’t even imagine in your farthest dreams about the end of Google’s Reign on Internet but do remember IMPOSSIBLE itself says I M Possible.

History has Witnessed the End of Some Big Empires

It sounds almost impossible but after looking back in the pages of history, you cannot deny that even the biggest and the most successful empires and kingdoms of this world have perished over time. Change is the basic law of nature and even most successful entities of this world have ended one day, especially the ones that were destined never to end.

Titanic can be quotes as one of the best examples because Titanic was designed in a way such that it never sinks but unluckily, it was not able to complete even its first voyage successfully and got sunk in the depth of the sea. One time mobile giant Nokia can be quoted as another example.

Are frequent Google SEO and Pagerank Updates the Culprit !

Some of the latest google algorithm updates have been well criticised by many individuals, companies, organisations, webmasters and site owners because these updates have completely thrown many businesses out of the market, especially the ones who had laid the foundation of their businesses for organic traffic directly coming through Google SEO optimization techniques.

Google SEO has Thrown Many  Online Businesses out of the Market

Some big players in the world of Internet have been either completely thrown out from the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) or shifted down at a level from where they are not visible at all. These big brand names that had enjoyed the top positions of successful businesses on Google Search Engine Results Page at some time are completely non-existent from the world of Internet today.

Does Google Survives its Own SEO & Pagerank Algorithm Updates !

A million dollar question that arises in my mind after considering all the above mentioned facts that whether Google is going to survive with its frequent update policies that have already thrown many big businesses out of the industry !

Answer the below mentioned questions honestly and let’s see, if we are moving in the same direction and thinking on the same track.

  1. Is it Healthy for your Business to Rely on Google SEO and Pagerank Algorithms !
  2. Would you like to place your business on a carrier that can throw you out of business any time without any prior warning ?
  3. Would you like to base your business on a revenue model surrounded under a thick cloud of uncertainties ?
  4. Would you like to get your year’s hard work elope away in a flip of a moment ?
  5. Would you like to start everything once again right from the scratch ?
  6. Would you and your business be able to cope and survive after getting severely hit by the Google Algorithmic changes ?

You can analyze your answers yourself to understand the viewpoint presented by me.

Is Google Losing Faith and Trust of Digizens in the Internet World !

Whether you, me or even Google accepts it or not but the truth is quite bitter. Google is losing the trust and faith of digizens now. Every digizen seems to be scared from the upcoming Google updates as it may affect the Pagerank of their site and the organic traffic. Every online business whose revenue model is laid down on the foundation of organic traffic directly dependent on Google are going to be the biggest losers and it may be tough for small online businesses to even survive back after getting hit from some of the upcoming Google SEO and Pagerank Algorithm updates.

Why Online Businesses Hate Google SEO Updates !

Google SEO optimization has been dedicatedly followed, practised and implemented by almost every site owner, blogger and webmaster to attract organic traffic from Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It has been an investment of time as well as money and one day when you wake up in the morning, you get to realise that you are completely lost in the world of Internet and your whole existence of survival has become a big question mark.

Are Revenue Models Based on Google SEO Techniques Safe for Business !

Would you rely on such an unstable revenue model ! We all know the answer – NO, none of us would place our trust on such an unstable revenue model. If you look around, you can easily get the hints of some major changes sparkling the digital world of Internet. Different Social Media Marketing strategies and bookmarking strategies have been slowly evolving as more and more digizens are developing new and innovative marketing strategies for the growth of their business.

What Digizens Think about Google SEO Frequent Updates !

I have been interacting with many fellow bloggers, site owners, website administrators and Webmaster and believe me, I have smelled a sense of non-trust and non-reliability at the Google frequent updates. None of them want to place their faith and trust completely on Google any more and most of them are working hard on the other alternative mode of traffic for their site.

Today, Google SEO and Pagerank Algorithm Updates are treated as one of the biggest threats to the site owners. In past, Google has already disowned some big brands, some big names and some of the most trusted and most popular sites.

How a Piece of Content that was Relevant Yesterday Gets Irrelevant Today !

Google needs to earn back the trust and faith of the digizens before it gets too late. The objective of Google behind bringing the most relevant content is not wrong but may be, their methodology needs an update and some revision after taking the feedback from the market.

If Google says that the content which was relevant yesterday is not relevant today, just after its latest update then there is something wrong in their Internet Authority and not in the Publishers.

Debate on the Impact of Google SEO Optimization on Online Businesses

Whether you agree with me or you don’t agree with me, please do let me know ! Share the topic among others and share your views with me on the topic through comments.

I believe that the topic “Google SEO & Google Pagerank Heading Towards a Slow Suicidal Death Track !” needs a brainstorming from all of you.


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  1. prince
    princeSeptember 23,13

    Yeah as i have seen my traffic goes really down form last days…
    prince recently posted…How To Root Any Android without computer with one clickMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraSeptember 23,13

      May be, your site is hit by latest Google SEO algorithmic updates. Try to find out the reason and maybe, also use some other alternatives to have a stable flow of traffic on your blog.

  2. Hiten
    HitenSeptember 25,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    You shared some excellent insights. Although Google is massive, as you explained in your post, nothing lasts forever. Hence Google’s dominance will also go down at some point.

    I agree that it is too risky for online businesses to base their whole operation through traffic. People need to branch into other types of products such as ebooks and also look at ways of doing things offline, too.

    Thank you.
    Hiten recently posted…How to Deal with Self-DoubtMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraSeptember 25,13

      Hi Hiten,

      Online businesses are completely different type of venture and one need to be very positive and careful about promoting it to the right set of audience. Relying on one single source for getting organic traffic to our blogs could become a major problem, if that single source gets in trouble.

      Your have rightly mentioned that branching out can be a good strategy and there is no doubt that ebooks can be used as an effective strategy to reach out a wider set of audience. Google SEO and Google Pagerank has been one of the most preferred modes but it seems that the dynamics have started changing.

      Thanks Hiten for adding up one more strategy in form of ebooks.

      Keep writing and keep visiting.

  3. Piyush Mathur
    Piyush MathurSeptember 30,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    I agree completely, Google has been making just too many updates to its algorithm which makes absolutely no sense at all.

    I mean what is the point? What is it that they are trying to control?

    Slowly they are cutting their own roots but they have the support of many more systems that will keep them alive for a long time.

    Its a very strange game they are playing indeed!

    Piyush Mathur recently posted…Consider Beautifying Your Home With Vazic Blue Granite Gangsaw SlabsMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraSeptember 30,13

      Hi Piyush,

      You are right, Google is trying to evolve itself as an Internet Authority. I don’t think that Internet was evolved with such an objective to give control in anyone’s hands. Internet has been considered as a free community but the way Google has acted in the last couple of years, people found it as one of the most important resources to receive traffic.

      Frequent updates coming from Google with such a short span of time in itself shown the instability that the Google is experiencing. What they think was good yesterday is not considered good today, even by them and that is why they change their search algorithms. History has already proved that the biggest of empires have turned down into ruins with their wrong strategy and I believe that Google SEO optimization is heading on a wrong strategic path.

      Thanks for adding value to my blog with your valuable comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting.

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