How Google Stole Yahoo Spotlight as a Search Engine Leader ?

How Google stole Yahoo Spotlight ?

Google has become a synonym for search engine by positioning itself on top of all other search engine providers in the market with Yahoo being left far behind in the race. Google stole yahoo spotlight by emerging as search engine leader. The latest Google search engine algorithm update HummingBird seems to take them ahead with their much talked about Panda and Penguin updates, which were launched prior to HummingBird.

Today, Google is running ahead as a clear winner in the landscape of search engines. Googling – a very common term used by us means searching on Google. Every 6.5 out of 10 users are using Google search engine for searching information over the Internet. On the contrary, Yahoo has only 3 out of 25 users on an average. Whether Google Stole or Won the Spotlight from Yahoo is a matter of prejudice, dependent on our own perception about Google’s strategy.

Growth Pattern of Google Search Engine

Google stole Yahoo spotlight

Doing a careful analysis at some statistics available over the Internet, I found that one third of the world’s online advertising share falls in the lap of Google.

Looking at the growth pattern, I realized that Google’s net revenue is rising at the rate of more than 65% on quarterly basis. Google is growing 7 times faster than its one time closest competitor Yahoo, whereas Yahoo is now lagging far behind than Google. Today, Google is seen as the king of search engine world, without having any competitor visible even far off in the complete landscape of different search engines.

Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

The biggest reason behind Google’s success story is their efficiency in offering the most relevant quality content from the huge sea of information scattered over the Internet. It is like finding a pearl from the depth of ocean. There are other search engines too but none as good as Google, at least, the population of digizens think this way.

Right from the beginning, they had a long term objective of providing the best and the most relevant results to their users. If a search engine is capable of providing what the user needs, there is no reason that can stop a huge wave of online traffic swarming to your site. Google has worked hard to attract a huge wave of traffic on their search engine and they have even succeeded up to a large extent.

Google started with a small search engine to write their success story – Google Search Engine. Yahoo might not have even anticipated in the beginning that such a small idea of search engine was going to pull them down from the market.

Profitable Revenue Model of Google

Google got the attention of the world and a huge organic traffic through its search engine. They knew how to make money out of it. Before the success of Google, no company had even thought about the potential of this virgin market. No one thought or believed that search engines had the potential of generating revenues.

Yahoo too didn’t realized and missed the train. Google has proved it to the world than even a small seed of a business idea can be implemented into a big fruitful tree.

Google didn’t only spotted but exploited the huge traffic inflow from its search engine. Developing their unique model, they targeted the Ad industry displaying the relevant ads alongside the search engine result. None of us can ever deny that today, advertising is one of the biggest industries all across the world.

It was their innovative technology – Google AdWords & Google Adsense. Yahoo was busy focusing on their own conventional model of Display Ads without realizing that the market was slowly graduating to to some other focused concept.

Google AdWords & Google Adsense

After making their strong presence in the search market, Google started auctioning ads that appeared alongside the search results. Google’s 99% revenue is generated from Ads. Based on their intelligent algorithms, Google started placing small Ads alongside the search results. It displayed only the ads that were relevant to the searched keyword. A click on any of these ads would divert the user to advertiser’s website.

Google charged a certain percentage of the revenue generated from every lead generated from its search engine. It started with a the inception of a very small business idea but grew too big in no time. Yahoo still believed on Display Ads while Google innovated their own technology with a completely different model.

Innovative Technology behind Google’s Success

Google indexes billions of web pages across the Internet by fetching only relevant content in the search results. Its ubiquitous search engine technology works really fast in not only getting the best but only relevant results. Google’s popular ‘Page Rank Algorithm’ also did a nice job by carving out a unique place for itself in the territory of search engines.

Google’s proprietary technology turned out to be unique in itself by not giving any hints to the competitors for replication. Yahoo lost drastically in attracting the market share of search engines. Moreover, Google’s frequent update policies didn’t let the market get stagnant with the same old technology and never gave a chance for manipulations by the Internet marketers. Google SEO became a trend in the online market.

Diversity of Google Services on Offer

Google’s success story didn’t stopped at search engines but they started innovating new and unique innovative marketing strategies to earn revenue. They started widening their reach through other diverse applications. Google Mail, Image search, Google News, Google Google, Google Maps and many more features became the strength of the Google brand, although they kept making changes and even pulling back some of the applications along with time and changing market trend.

Several enterprise solutions, Cloud computing added further to their success story. On one hand, Google provides a bouquet of free services while on the other hand, it exploits the commercial market. I believe that is the key ingredient and the success mantra of Google. The acquisition of YouTube under the Google umbrella was a landmark deal and now Google Play has taken over the growing Android Market for smart phones.

Yahoo stumbled while Google kept rising the ladder of success. Starting small and making it big seems to be the punchline of Google and this is how Google stole Yahoo spotlight. As of now, Google is strong but too many frequent SEO algorithm updates may also prove suicidal for Google’s health. Google needs to be cautious by not harming genuine businesses in their aggressive approach of bringing out the most relevant content from the Internet.


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  1. Hiten
    HitenOctober 13,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    This was an excellent post, my friend and I was getting more excited as I was reading down it.

    As you illustrated in your post, the Google story is a fascinating one. I can remember the first time I used the Google search engine many years ago, and I was absolutely fascinated at the power and simplicity of it. Of course, as you explained, the minds over at Google very extremely clever and innovative in terms of figuring out how to generate revenues from their inventions.

    The term ‘googled’ might even end up in dictionaries if it already hasn’t.

    Thank you.
    Hiten recently posted…The Fear of Public Speaking – How to Overcome ItMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 14,13

      Hi Hiten,

      I am glad that you liked my post about “How Google stole Yahoo spotlight ?”

      The story behind the success of Google is a motivating story. It can even help many small business owners to learn and understand the small and simple ways that can catalyse a small business to grow big. It is important for any business to develop a strong revenue model because money keeps the things running and without money nothing can move forward. No one can survive this world without money as it is one of the most important and basic necessity for humans.

      Any sustainable business must have a balanced approach towards their expenses and revenue. A disbalance between the two can become suicidal for a business. Google has proved it quite boldly that money can be made by anything and everything, if you have a long term crystal clear vision to achieve your goals.

      Thanks Hiten for walking by and enriching my post with your valuable comment. Have a nice week ahead.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  2. Adrienne
    AdrienneOctober 16,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    I have a love/hate relationship with Google. On the one hand they do have some darn awesome products but on the other hand I believe they’re trying to rule the internet. Giving one company that much control to me is just ridiculous but they have left Yahoo in the dust.

    I really never used Yahoo that much as a search engine I guess because I never really found what I was searching for. Not that I always found what I wanted on Google but for the most part I did. I use Bing a lot though only because Google doesn’t always give me what I want and once again, I really want someone else to give them a run for their money.

    I still have a Yahoo email account, it’s my personal one I’ve had for years. Other than that, nothing else.

    Thanks for sharing this information, pretty interesting indeed.

    Have a great week.

    Adrienne recently posted…7 Ways To Run An Unsuccessful Mobile Email CampaignMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 16,13

      Hi Adrienne,

      Well, we are on the same track. I too have the same kind of relationship and by going through some of my posts, you can realise the contrast that goes on in my mind about Google. You are rightly said, Google is trying to control the Internet and the reason behind their desire to gain control and power is money. If they have their control, they can sell their products. Google AdWords is a real example for the same.

      I really really think that why people are running behind Google !!! Why not let them run behind the bloggers ?

      In fact, if we look at their ways, their strategies, it is but obvious that they are trying to run behind us but may be, most of the people don’t understand.

      Why are they coming up with frequent updates! The reason is quite simple. Once the updates are done, Google realises that they were not able to get all the relevant content on Google SERP, and they start working on their next update. See, they are running behind the quality content and unluckily, many publishers are changing their strategies to meet Google’s requirements. Why !

      Why can’t we keep our focus on quality content and let Google tweak their algorithms to find our content ! Doesn’t it sounds good and promising ? We need to understand and interpret the implications behind Google’s frequent updates and act accordingly.

      I remember, Yahoo and rediff are some of the few emails that existed in those olden times. I still have those ids with me.

      Thanks Adrienne for walking over and enhancing the value of my blog with your rich and thought-provoking comment. I am glad to hear that you found it interesting.

      Have a great weekend. Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  3. Angela McCall
    Angela McCallOctober 17,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    I remember when Google first came out, we have to have a given code by a friend before we could create an email. Google was nobody then. We never knew they were gonna take off like this.

    I don’t remember using Yahoo before when I tried to search something. I recall the browser Netscape and I used to do all my searching there. Now it’s gone. Vanished. And as far as Yahoo is concerned, I had a personal account there and doesn’t use it much other than I used it for my receiving Copyblogger newsletter.

    Google is cool and yet they’re not. I don’t like their main instruction for Adsense, it confused the heck out of me. That’s why I don’t have Google Adsense. It’s very complicated. Plus, they are very fuzzy. A little mistake, they are very punitive. And so forget that.

    I go with Chitika and Amazon Associates. A lot easier. Anyway, just wanna say you have written a very well thought post today. You are very articulate with your words. Loved it.


    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 18,13

      Yes Angela, you are absolutely right. In fact, I had waited for a couple of months before I got a referral invite for Gmail from one of my friends. Google is a very good business case study, where they started from scratch, from ground level and became one of the leaders in Internet industry.

      I remember Netscape too, it was those early days when computers were getting introduced in this part of the world. Yahoo was a premiere platform for email but never tried yahoo search engine.

      Thanks Angela for walking in and liking my post about analysing and highlighting some of the points behind Google’s success story and the way it left Yahoo back in the winning race. World is changing at a very rapid rate and you never know the future of Google tomorrow.

      Thanks once again for enriching the value of my blog with your thoughtful comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  4. Harleena Singh
    Harleena SinghOctober 17,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    Informative post indeed 🙂

    I think you really wrote down all there is to write about Google, right from the time it started and to where it is now.

    Like Adrienne, I am not really a great fan of Google, but I do understand that it IS the most important search engine. Yes, Yahoo was on top a few months back, and someone mentioned that even Bing was making waves in some spheres.

    I think with all these search engines that keep struggling for the first position, it’s always Google who’s stayed right up there for the longest, and why not for the number of innovative products, tools, and even the Adwords it’s come up with. Don’t we all write also for these search engines, and try to optimize our posts? Yes, we do, and we mostly look for the status of our posts on Google before any other place too.

    Honestly speaking, by default, it’s always Google I open if and when I have to write any researched matter for my posts – there’s nothing else that comes to mind, or perhaps one’s never tried any other search engine all that much. I’m sure it’s the same with most people too.

    Google is surely making waves, except for the recent and frequent updates!! Those really put me off, and even though I know they are trying to make things better – but why have SO many of them, and so often! You barely understand one, or check your site to make amends if any are needed, and another one comes up. Not that my blog was affected at all, but I do know of a lot of blogging friend’s who are affected, especially when their targeted keywords were affected. I wish, hope, and pray that they go a little slow on their updates 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Domestic Violence: The Deadly VirusMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 18,13

      Hi Harleena,

      I am glad that you liked my post about the story of Google taking over Yahoo.

      Google is getting quite unpredictable with time, and I believe that it is not a good signal for them. Just like you, Adrienne, me and many more of my blogger friends are slowly losing their faith on Google because of their frequent algorithm updates. There is no doubt, Google is trying to improve their search engine but why not take lessons, implement, launch and then wait for some time. Let the net evolve first according to their updates.

      They are going too fast and we all know that moving on too fast is dangerous and suicidal. Maybe, Google is slowly changing their track on a suicidal path. I know, Google is too big but we have already observed and experienced the downfall of some of the biggest empires. Google needs to slow down a bit, make more calculative changes and give ample amount of time for the Internet to evolve.

      The worst part is that people forget everything else and start following Google, instead of understanding that the reality is simply opposite. Google is actually following the content, at least, they are trying to do so but result is – people start following Google, which is something sad.

      Thanks Harleena for the visit and value addition to my blog.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  5. Liz McGee
    Liz McGeeOctober 17,13


    I feel a little like Adrienne, Some days I can love Google, others not so much 🙂

    Google has put a great investment in technology which on the web I think is key, but they also offer so much to their community with free services and tools, which is also a way of keeping us hooked 😉

    I’ve vacillated back and forth on whether Google’s search algorithms are truly to help build a better search platform and return better search results or to get people to advertise more now that they’ve now dropped out of the search rankings. When my search results turn up nothing but the usual suspects or it turns up junk, I have a tendency to go with the latter.

    But despite all that, Google is still an innovative and technological leader and as long as they remain in that position, they’ll probably stay the leader.

    Liz McGee recently posted…5 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid If You Want More TrafficMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 18,13

      Hi Liz,

      Welcome to Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂 A big thanks to you for taking out your precious time for a visit to my blog.

      Google is turning out to be more unpredictable than ever before. It is the same here too and you can see that contrast in my posts too. On a certain day, I am writing in favour of Google while another day, I am writing against Google.

      Google is trying to improve but, their strategy seems to be running too fast now. I completely agree with you that they offer a lot many valuable services and tools for free but at the same time, they have very strong revenue models too. There is nothing wrong in it because every business needs a strong sustainable revenue model for their existence.

      They only problem with Google is their frequent updates, the way they are trying to create their monopoly over Internet. If I am not wrong, Internet was launched as a free entity, completely free but see, the things have changed so much now. Google launched their search engine as a tool to bring most relevant content from the Internet and started guiding and controlling market completely.

      I believe that we are also responsible for this ripple cyclic effect. We have forgotten that Google is trying to find rich quality content, instead we have started writing in the style that makes Google happy. Aren’t we giving that control in the hands of Google!

      Very true, Google is the leader today but the growth of Social Media has started diverting the direction of the market and if we look around us, we can’t deny that the change has started. How long will it take ! Will Google survive in future ! Some questions that will get answered with time. Another example is of Orkut, one of the most successful products of Google at some point of time. It is completely out of market today.

      Thanks Liz for walking over and enriching my blog with the exposure of your thought-provoking thoughts. Thanks a lot.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  6. Dragan Palla
    Dragan PallaOctober 19,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    Pleasure to meet you here at your blog. Actually I spotted your name at Angela McCall’s and decided to pop over.

    Interesting you wrote this post because a few days ago I was talking to my friends about Google’s huge success as a search engine in relatively short time. I didn’t know how they actually climbed the Everest but now it makes all clear.

    Google always moves forward with new ideas, products and the point is, it delivers what people want and search for. It’s interesting the balance between free and paid services.

    Somehow I don’t like all these SEO algorithm updates lately. I think there are too many parameters we need to have in mind in order to rank well. I’m afraid it could kill the art of writing eventually.

    I find this post very interesting and thanks for sharing it.

    ~ Dragan
    Dragan Palla recently posted…Freelancing…and Actually Making Money at ItMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 19,13

      Hi Dragan,

      Welcome to my blog Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      It is also a pleasure for me to meet you here on my blog. I am glad that you found my name on Angela McCall’s blog and decided to take a look here.

      You are absolutely right in saying that Google has caught the nerve of the market by fulfilling the demand. Every company is looking to do that but only few have attained huge success like Google. Google is doing a good job by tweaking their algorithms as an effort to get more and more relevant content from the Internet but in my opinion, they are moving too fast.

      I had been researching and discussing a lot about the effect of their frequent algorithm updates on the market and realised that they are somehow losing their trust with a slow down trend. Google need to take it seriously to remain the leader, even in future. We all know that market is the most powerful factor, and can throw out even the biggest leaders completely out of the scene.

      One thing that goes wrong is the behaviour of people, who start writing to meet these algorithms and somehow, losing the human essence in their writing.

      The better scenario would be wherein we develop our own writing style naturally, in a way that forces Google to tweak their algorithms to find our relevant content and not otherwise the opposite way.

      We shouldn’t run behind Google but let Google run behind us. I completely agree with you that the frequent updates and the increasing importance of SEO may kill the art of natural writing.

      Thanks Dragan for giving your precious time on my blog and enriching its value with your though provoking comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  7. Pritam Nagrale
    Pritam NagraleOctober 22,13

    Excellent article Ashutosh. Although I knew most of the things from this article but your way of explaining was so beautiful I read the whole article.
    Google is boss & I don’t think there will be any search engine as good as Google even in next 100 years.
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted…How to Apply for Right to Information (RTI)My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 23,13

      Hi Pritam,

      Welcome to my blog Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      I am glad to hear that you loved my small piece of writing about the success story of Google.

      Today, Google is boss, no doubt about it but I have my own doubts about it being boss tomorrow as well. Technology changes at the speed of thought and if you remember, once upon a time Orkut was so successful but today, it is lost in the dirt of time. Technology cannot be predicted because we never know what comes next. The same applies for Google too, depending on their strategy as well as some other competitors coming up with some new ideas may change the dynamic of the completely industry.

      Thanks Pritam for visiting my blog and appreciating my efforts.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  8. Tim Bonner
    Tim BonnerOctober 22,13

    Hi Ashutosh

    Googling has become second nature to many people but I must admit that lately I’m struggling to find quality results when I search for things on Google.

    I’m less interested in YouTube videos and there’s always a tonne of those listed. Whatever’s left on the first page is hit and miss and I’ve sometimes had to drill down to page 10 before actually finding the most relevant and informative information. Not good!

    I’m going to start using Bing a little more I think to see how they compare.
    Tim Bonner recently posted…Best Kept Secrets to Keeping Your Online Marketing OrganizedMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 23,13

      Hi Tim,

      Welcome to my blog Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      I am glad to have you around.

      You are not alone Tim as I am also facing the same problem while searching for relevant content on Google. It seems that Google is trying to promote YouTube videos by placing so much prominence on it. People who are looking for text might not be interested in Videos. Moreover, video needs more bandwidth and it might not be a feasible solution for everyone to watch live video streaming. Inclusion of YouTube by Google in their SERP could be detrimental because it shifts relevant content down in their search results.

      According to me, text and video must be kept separate and in fact, Google must give an option to the users about whether they are interested in videos or not. Videos are diluting the quality of text results but, it seems another strategy employed by Google to attract more and more users on YouTube platform. Amazingly, I have found many bloggers now rushing towards YouTube. I still have my doubts the relevancy of YouTube wiht blogging! Google is trying to merge the power of words with videos. Time will only reveal the story behind it.

      Thanks Tim for walking over and enriching my blog with your valuable thought provoking comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  9. Stephanie Riggs
    Stephanie RiggsFebruary 8,14

    Google has the honor of being superior in search engines. You brought into light the fact of Google being as superior. With the passage of time, it is getting more advanced and trying to provide most relevant and accurate results to the researchers. For this purpose different updates take place to help people. I am pretty happy to read the fact of Google leadership.

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraFebruary 12,14

      Hi Stephanie,

      Welcome to my blog Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      You are absolutely right about the leadership of Google. It has evolved from a small and a very basic concept, slowly taking over the world of Internet. It won’t be wrong to say that Google has created almost a monopoly in the market, but how far will it go, only the time will reveal.

      Google is trying to fetch better results from the sea of Internet and the frequent updates are simply an effort to achieve this objective. At the same time, Google is also commercialising a lot many services. Now, the big question is how Google is going to create a balance between the two. Looking back in the pages of history, we cannot deny that even the biggest of empires have perished to ruins. It all depends on the strategy and I hope, Google gets right on all its business strategies.

      Thanks Stephanie for walking in to my blog and enriching its value with your deep insight.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

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