What To Do After Class 12 !

Choosing a Career after Class XII

Have you ever seen a herd of sheep following each other! Every sheep is following another without any individual objective or direction. They merely follow the crowd with a strong belief that the crowd is moving in the right direction. Your thoughts may be right but you are missing an important fact that moving together in a single direction, you are devaluing your own worth. The simple law of demand and supply works everywhere and there is no exception to the education industry.

What to do after class 12You might have realized in past that a particular course is in demand and every single person desires to pursue that stream of study. It could be mechanical engineering at one point of time, computer engineering at another, sometime electrical engineering while BBA or MBA, BCA or MCA, physiotherapy, homeopathy, medical sciences, accounting etc at different times.

It has been observed that the demand curve shoots up to touch the peak that later on starts falling down. As more and more students follow the same direction, supply is increased and thus the employment opportunities goes down. Law of demand and supply holds true even in education sector and plays a very important role in shaping up career of many students.

Create your Own Career Path

The first advice would be to walk out of the league in order to brighten your future. Pull yourself out of the crowd and don’t follow like the herd of sheep.Β Don’t pursue the courses which are in high demand wherein every single person is running behind it. Many of you may think and believe that this is absurd but believe me, it works. Look into the past curves and you will realize that it is a fact. There is a demand for each and every course and if you have right skills, there is nothing that could stop you from getting a good position in the job market. There won’t be much competition for you because the supply of working professionals would be relatively low as compared to the other courses in demand.

Several career opportunities are available today and one of the biggest question that is haunting most of the parents as well as students – What to do after class 12! All the students of class 12 are already through with the board exams, eagerly waiting for the results. Every student is at a point that leads him/her to different direction. Not only students but every parent is also worried about it being one of the most important decisions capable of changing the lives of students as well as parents. This decision has the power to shape and design futures.

Pursue your Passion in Career

It is an important decision because of the innumerable factors responsible for its outcome. A right move gives you the right direction that leads you to your objective but one wrong move throws you completely out of your career path. Today’s dynamic world offers various domains such as Engineering, Medical, Fashion Designing, Architecture, Mass Communication, Management, Commerce, Accounting, Medical, Computers and many more.

The complexity of this decision increases because there are too many choices and the decision once taken cannot be revoked back. It is the foundation on which you are going to construct the building of your life. There is a huge bouquet of courses offered by several Universities, Affiliated Colleges and Private Institutions.

Choose What You Love to Do

You may select from a degree, diploma, integrated programs or even certificate courses from the above mentioned domains. Some well known brands such as IIT, SPA, NIFD, JNU, DU, AIIMS, NIRMA, BITS, BHU and even IGNOU. Every institute is a centre of excellence, thereby attracting the students and parents at large. There is no doubt that everyone wants to get admission in any of these best Institutions based on their personal preference and eligibility.

Traditional courses, non traditional courses, skill based programs like ITIs, DOEACC, craftsmanship offered through polytechnic diplomas, CA, ICWA, CS and many more which have a bright future for each and every student. It is not important what you do but it is important how you do and what is your proficiency level. Remember that the top position in each and every field is empty and if you have the right set of skills then you can do wonders in your favourite stream of study. Every individual is unique and there is always something unique designed for that individual personality.

We are going to cover various informative topics in this section that could help you selecting the best career options as well as to excel in it. Stay tuned and we will be back with more information.. Let us know, if you have like the exposure of these thoughts and if you have gained something in enhancing your information and knowledge base. We would be glad to learn from your experiences too.

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  1. Indrani
    IndraniJuly 4,13

    A crucial phase of life!
    Indrani recently posted…My Parallel Rope Walk ExperienceMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJuly 4,13

      Hi Indrani,

      Very true. What to do after class 12 is one of the most crucial decisions troubling not only students but parents, specially when it opens the door to life.

      Thanks for walking in and contributing to the exposure of thoughts.

  2. yogesh pant
    yogesh pantJuly 8,13

    Hi Ashutosh,
    you have chosen a good question which almost every student asks to him/her.
    Nice article dude!
    yogesh pant recently posted…HAWK EYE TECHNIQUE USED IN CRICKETMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJuly 9,13

      Hi Yogesh,

      Thanks for taking in your time and giving a visit to my simple blog. I am glad that you liked the question and hopefully the answer too. Not only students but anyone related to these students are also looking out for the answer to the most difficult question – What to do after class ?

      Resources are limited, choices are many and competition is tough. I tried exposing my thoughts on the topic because at certain point of time, I too faced the same question.

      The post on What to do after class 12 was created to help anyone who is standing at the crossroad and thinking about what to do after class 12.

      Thanks once again for walking in and enriching my blog with your satisfied words.

  3. yogesh pant
    yogesh pantJuly 9,13

    Welcome Ashutosh!
    indeed, it is also true that the question is not only related to the students but also to those who are related to their future. The competition in the market is really tough now-a-days to attain a satisfactory job!
    yogesh pant recently posted…THE REASON FOR EARTHQUAKESMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJuly 9,13

      I completely agree with you Yogesh, market is competitive and somehow we ourselves are responsible for the same. We are in a very bad habit of following others like a herd of sheep. Most of us find it the easiest way to follow others without thinking about creating our own path. I have elaborated a bit on this point in my other post about choosing the best career option. You can have a look at it.

  4. Sudhir Kumar
    Sudhir KumarJuly 24,13

    You have chosen a good topic to discuss and you have chosen phrase like a herd of sheep for students of 12th passed this is right as we were also passed through this time.

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJuly 24,13

      Hi Sudhir,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your constructive comment.

      It was a topic that I personally wanted to discuss because I have seen students running behind each other like a herd of sheep without even giving a second thought about what do they exactly want from their life.

      Its not about blaming students but I consider that the pressure comes from the complete system and finally, it is the innocent student who has just passed his class 12th and faces all this music.

      Life is wide with lots of choices and we need to be intelligent and smart enough to select something that we really love to do. Sadly, we talk a lot about it but when it comes to practice, many of us fails at it.

      Thanks once again for giving your precious time going through the post.

      • Sudhir Kumar
        Sudhir KumarJuly 24,13

        Hey Ashutosh ,
        In place of moving behind other if these guys take advice from the elder one I think that’s better for them as they know better than those guys who just passed 12th and they have more experience than them.

        Thanks for giving your priceless time to read my views.

        • Ashutosh Kasera
          Ashutosh KaseraJuly 24,13

          Yes Sudhir. You are right, taking advice from elders can be a good solution but only if they don’t suggest them to become a part of a herd of sheep. Unluckily, doing a course that is hot in the market is still considered a good practice by many.

          It is a pleasure to have you around and believe me, your thoughts are adding value to my blog. Thanks a lot for walking in.

  5. shiwangi shrivastava
    shiwangi shrivastavaDecember 16,13

    Hi, Here my point differ, I believe elders are the strong pillar but sometimes only for their presence and support. When it comes to advice parents themselves feel that according to the latest scenario their advice seems to be outdated. Our respected parents usually surrender their decision on to the children for their welfare. Sometimes its fine to take up your own decision without hurting the emotion of your loved ones.

    Very nice post…almost all people encounter same phase on that stage of life.

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraDecember 19,13

      Welcome Shivangi to my blog Exposure of Thoughts. πŸ™‚

      We all have our own viewpoints and it is always good to present our viewpoints strongly. Yes, I agree with you. Today, the world and the business environment is changing quite abruptly. It is no more the same as our parents encountered in their time. Moreover, it makes it quite difficult for them to offer the right advice.

      Our decisions must be informed decisions, whereby we consider, study and analyse the whole situation before striking down the hammer. A bit of uncertainty is always present, but we can do our best as per our understanding. Taking the views of others isn’t wrong, but the final decision must be ours.

      Thanks Shiwangi for walking in to my blog and enriching it with your deep insights.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. πŸ™‚

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