Why High Page Load Time is Bad for Online Businesses ?

Reduce Page Load Time for Online Business Success

I have been working with one of the best Site Speed Optimization Expert – Mark de Scande from the last couple of months. His page speed optimization skills had been a great learning experience for me. The use of cache plugins, site tests, site speed test results, site speed analysis, site speed comparisons and tweaking the configurations at the core WordPress files, so much to learn and understand. This post is dedicated to my speed optimization master and teacher.

A small and simple new year gift to the man full of skills and knowledge. Above all, he is a great human being. Thanks Mark for making me learn so much in such a short span of time. It is just a small fragment of whatever I have learned from you.

Impact of Page Load Time on Online Businesses

increased page load time detrimental to online business

The success to any online business is dependent on its Google Rank, the position on which a website is fetched on Google SERP against the related keyword search. Most of the online businesses, in fact, all the online businesses are working hard to get their sites on the first page of Google search result page. SEO dynamics are changing than ever before as Google is getting smarter day by day.

Today, page load time is a priority for Google because digizens have the right to fast Internet, therefore the survival of online businesses is dependent on the site’s page load time. Relationship between page load time of a site and the profit of the business is simple to understand. More is the page load time, less is the profit and vice versa. Page load time has become supplementary to the success of any online business these days.

Search Engine Algorithms are Changing Frequently

Google Penguin update, Google Panda update, Google Hummingbird update and the latest in the series – Google Holiday Update for Google shopping experiences are attracting attention of SEO Analysts, Webmasters and Site owners at large. Content is the king and will remain the king always because Internet is all about creation and dissemination of information and knowledge.

At the same time, the information must reach to the users at the speed of thought. Today, page load time is one of the most important factors in Google search engine algorithms.

Why Page Load Time is Important for Online Businesses ?

The survival of a business is dependent on their customers. More are the customers, more is the business, more revenue and more profit.

Online businesses are targeting online customers and these customers are none other than the Internet surfers. As a customer, you search for some information over the Internet, primarily using Google. You get a list of related sites suggested by Google that may contain the required information.

You click on a link, keep waiting, waiting and waiting because it keeps on loading. Does it works like that ! No, if the site does not loads in a few seconds, you move on with the next link on the Google SERP. A website with a slow page load time has lost a business opportunity even before creating it. The website might have spend thousands of dollars on building the site, but just in order to save a few dollars, they have lost business.

Slow Page Load Time Inflicts Direct and Indirect Business Loss

It is the direct loss of a business opportunity and creates a ripple effect indirectly. The site will also lose its Google Rank or will get its Google Rank lower with the passage of time because of its slow page load time. Almost 50% of the web users abandon a page, if it is not loaded within the first three seconds from the click of its site’s link from Google SERP.

The loss has exponential affect. You haven’t lost only a single customer, rather you have given an open invitation to the search engines for pulling your site rank down on Google SERP.

Relation Between Page Load Time and Search Engine Algorithms

Search engines are based on the proprietary algorithm developed by their owners. The search engine algorithms processes the search results not only based on keyword density, but a large number of other dependent parameters.

The search engine algorithms count the frequency of incoming traffic, keyword density, page load time, uniqueness of the content, quality incoming links, quality outgoing links etc. A substantial increase in page load time of a site pulls the ranking down on search engine results page, whether it is Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine.

Page Load Time is Inversely Proportional to Revenue/Profit

After investing a huge amount of time and money on your site or blog, you may be shocked not to see your site listed on the first page of Google SERP against its relevant keywords. Your entire business idea flops resulting in heavy losses and the reason – Increased page load time of your site.

Improve Your Website by Reducing Page Load Time

Businessman who are really serious about their business and don’t want to see their blog getting lost in the black hole of Internet need to act before it gets late. Control the situation before it slips out of your hand. Start working on the entire design of the site and not only on the contents.

Whether it is about codes, images, scripts or the configurations, everything is important for the survival of an online business. Competition is quite high and a very small line segregating the successful businesses from lost out businesses.


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  1. Mark de Scande
    Mark de ScandeDecember 31,13


    Great post and it is only a big pleasure to be working with you and I know in the long run of tweaks we will be at the top of the pile, making our online story a great SUCCESS.

    Great working with you 2013 now lets head off to 2014 and beyond 🙂
    Mark de Scande recently posted…How to set up co.za Domain on WP Engine ?My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJanuary 1,14

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks a lot for giving a visit to my blog and appreciating the post about impact of page load time on the success or failure of online businesses.

      2013 had been a great year and I believe 2014 is going to be better than it. Working with you don’t even feel like working, it is simple fun. Thanks for being there. 🙂

      You are right, in the long run, we are going to be on top. 2014 is here, ready for us to create our own success story.

      Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year. 🙂 Let us move ahead and make a strong bang to turn this year better than all the previous years of our lives.

  2. Cole Wiebe
    Cole WiebeJanuary 7,14

    Hi Ashutosh,

    I believe WordPress bloggers have a particularly hard time with page load times. There are just so many tempting plugins to install.

    Wishing you a very prosperous and memorable 2014,

    Cole Wiebe recently posted…The Real Reason Most Blogging and Social Media Missed the Mark in 2013My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJanuary 7,14

      Hi Cole.

      Welcome to my blog Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      Thanks for the wishes and nothing less goes to you too. A very happy and prosperous new year.

      You are absolutely right Cole, there are many cache plugins available for WordPress to reduce the page load time. It is quite difficult to choose the one that suits our requirement, but at the same time, every cache plugin has its own power.

      We can any try a couple few to start with some of the most popular ones. Quick Cache and W3 Total Cache are my personal favourites as they help a lot to keep page load times of WordPress blogs and sites well under control. Page load time has also become a part of good SEO practices, thus becomes more important.

      I hope, you too get one that suits your site and helps it run at fast speeds. Please do let me know, if I could be of any help.

      Thanks for walking by and enriching my blog with your valuable insights.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

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