Monthly Archive for: ‘October, 2013’

  • Google stole Yahoo Spotlight

    How Google Stole Yahoo Spotlight as a Search Engine Leader ?

    Yahoo WAS one of the leading search engine providers but not any more. Google has captured around 80% of global search market as they are now leaders in offering best of the best search engine technology. Today, No other search engine company is doing web search better than Google. It has been an interesting success journey for Google to defeat Yahoo in the race of search engine providers. How Google stole Yahoo spotlight by emerging as the most popular search engine leader !

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  • Google HummingBird Update

    Google HummingBird Algorithm Update Collects Internet Nectar

    Google hummingbird is known to be the biggest algorithm update in Google search engine industry, a complete overhaul of Google search engine. It is launched with an objective to collect Internet nectar by fighting against spammy websites. Some guidelines, some rules, some policies incorporated in Google hummingbird algorithm are going to evaluate your site on spammy scale, but how do you get safe out of it ?

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