How to Generate Genuine Organic Google Backlinks ?

How to Earn Quality Google Backlinks ?

It is the dream of all SEO builders to get their website on the first page of Google results through generating Google backlinks. Most of us also think about purchasing or building genuine organic Google backlinks from the companies selling it on paid basis but that is not a feasible solution. Originality, innovation and coming up with some original resources based on your own research could help you achieve getting genuine organic backlinks on website quite easily by applying White Hat or Ethical Google SEO Optimization Techniques.

Build Organic Google Backlinks Through Community Participation

organic google backlinks

Community participation is important in Google backlink building by establishing your reputation as a source of knowledge not merely by spamming other blogs but helping people in solving their queries. Spend your time answering questions that you are best at to gain the confidence and trust of people in your knowledge and understanding the subject matter, whether it is about Google Backlinks or anything else.

You have to prove that you are the best at doing whatever you are doing yourself. Your unique working solutions that are feasible to be followed in their implementation could bring lots of organic Google backlinks to your website or blog. Various social media platforms are proving as a rich resource of community participation.

Try to help people, offer them genuine advice to solve their problems asked in community forums. It not helps you earn backlinks, but also focuses on driving direct traffic to your websites.

Original Research Attracts Genuine Organic Google Backlinks

You could work on your own specialized domain to generate something that is not found elsewhere. Google search is used to find the solutions for the problems faced by all of us and if the solution exists on your website then there is nothing that could stop you from getting the organic Google backlinks automatically to your website or blog.

Taking an example of Danny Sullivan who did a research about the different webmail services spamming inbox and posted it on the blog. is another example where a comparative analysis on ISP DNS vs open DNS servers vs Google public DNS services were done and the result came out that Google servers are better at handling international domain services.

Social Media Marketing Attracts Organic Google Backlinks

Most of the people who spend their time online are at least simultaneously accessing some or other other social media websites such as Facebook, Friendfeed or even Twitter. You could use these channels effectively to communicate with people so as to build your reputation among the people from your own domain. Tell them what you have got with you, your skills and your expertise and how could that help them in growing their business and generating revenues.

Everyone is trying to find methods to increase the revenue and if you are going to tell them how then they have no reasons not to come back to you. You need to market yourself well using social media marketing techniques or order to attract organic Google backlinks backlinks automatically.

Conference & Presentations Good for Earning Backlinks

Another very effective method is getting involved with conference presentations to grab the attention of audience at large. You get a large audience with an interactive conversation to demonstrate your expertise and skills. Note down the proceedings of your conference to post on your personal blog and enjoy getting the Google backlinks build automatically.

Self Help Videos – A Good Tool for Building Organic Google Backlinks

Making a video of your conference presentation or whatever you are good at doing has an added advantage in bringing back more traffic from the people who have benefited from you. After all, we all enjoy watching videos and that could have a positive edge over others. Posting the recorded video on your website or blog has a strong potential of generating organic Google backlinks as the people tend to forget the things quite easily that motivates them to get back again and again.

Humorous Funny Content is Loved by Everyone

Easiest and simplest method would be to post some humorous funny picture that you happen to click somewhere around you. It is a unique content that is completely original as you have clicked a frame of time with your camera that hasn’t been clicked by anyone else. All of us want to laugh and you cannot deny that it is going to get back lots of organic Google backlinks originating back to your blog.

You don’t even need to run behind collecting millions of organic Google backlinks as even two or three quality links have the power to get your blog in search results.

Good User Friendly Site Architecture Builds More Organic Google Backlinks

None of us likes complexities and so are the search engines. Keeping your site architecture simple and easy to reference is liked by search engines too. Easy URLs that are easy to store and bookmark helps in generating organic Google backlinks. Links of a personal blog are another example. You might be shocked to know that huge number of websites are messed up in order to beautify them with the complexities. Straight and simple has always been the best, it remains the best even today.

Open Source Products adds Automatic Google Backlinks To Your Users

It is a good practice to innovate something and let the world download it freely. It is your one time work that generates lots of traffic back on your website lifelong. You could be good at creating a firefox plugin, an Apache extension, WordPress plugin, WordPress theme, anything that you are good at working yourself. People finding great products free from your backlinks are going to refer those to others and that would bring lots of organic google backlinks back to your blog.

How To’s and Tutorials for Attracting Quality Backlinks

Similarly, how to do it yourself, DIY and easy tutorials are a great way to attract good organic Google backlinks to your personal blog. Most of the queries starts with ‘how to‘ or ‘tutorial on’ phrases. Everyone has an expertise in their specific field of domain that could help them to create their personal tutorials and how to do lists to pull back some good organic Google backlinks to your personal blog or website.

Be Active and Prompt while Responding to Queries

Keep yourself and your blog engaged with minimum breaks. More is the activity, more you are in the limelight not only in search engines but also among people having faith in your skills. Use mobile technologies to answer the queries, moderate comments and personal response to all the readers of your personal blog. There must be a personal essence that keeps you and your readers bond with each other. Remember, everything is not business and there are things outside business too in our lives.

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  1. Angela Angela
    Angela AngelaJune 15,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    This is great post for backlinks.

    I am learning more and more about organic backlinks. When you said “conference confrontations” this means using Skype?

    Anyway, most of the ones you mentioned here I have done. So I must be okay.

    And you know I used to have my blog in NO moderation. And so every post I got then will just go through without me knowing who commented on what post. And so since then, I learned moderating all comments is the best way to KEEP my readers and audience and myself up-to-date on who’s who reading my blog.

    Anyway, it’s getting late here. Pass my bedtime and so I’m hitting the hay before I turned into a pumpkin. Thank you so much for educating me.

    Have a nice weekend.


    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJune 15,13

      Hi Angela,

      Welcome to my Exposure of Thoughts and I am glad to see you around.

      Thanks for appreciating my post on creating organic backlinks. Yes, you can use Skype as one of the tools, although other tools could also be used. The basic objective is to conference so that there is high level of brainstorming between the like minded people.

      I am sure that there won’t be any problem with organic backlinks on your blog.

      Well, we bloggers are great learners and our blogging experience teaches us a lot. When I started, I didn’t knew anything about organic backlinks but I too learned, although I don’t claim myself to be a master on organic backlinks but shared whatever I have learned till date. In fact, I still feel that there is so much to learn more about the way organic backlinks are created and also the way, these organic backlinks behave. According to me, self-learning is the most important attribute of being a successful blogger. Experience teaches us better.

      You please take rest and don’t worry on turning into a pumpkin. Pumpkin is loved by many people. 🙂

      Thanks once again for taking out your valuable time and going through my post How to create genuine organic backlinks. I believe, we all are educating each other and I am glad about it. Even, I learned something from your blog.

      Have a great weekend.


  2. Amrish
    AmrishJuly 12,13

    Right . But As I know google love backlinks gain from Blog sphere . So commenting and doing guest post to good blog is one of the best way to get good quality backlinks

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJuly 12,13

      Yes, you are right Amrish.

      Google loves organic backlinks from blog sphere and when I mentioned increasing backlinks with community participation, I had the same thoughts in mind.

      Blog sphere brings us the connectivity to the other community bloggers and interacting with them not only helps us get good backlinks but also helps in expanding our social horizon.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and enriching it with your rich thoughts.

  3. Viola Tam
    Viola TamJuly 13,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    Awesome sharing! Thansk!

    When I first got started, I did not know anything about organic backlinks either. Now, I can certainly appreciate the power of having those!

    I agree with you that bloggers need to establish a reputation of being there to share knowledge and help. I would suggest that bloggers do this without expecting anything in return. When the content is valuable, it will get shared. Visitors who has tasted the benefit will return again. That is how we get organic traffic.

    This is an area that I am continuing to improve on. Any comments or tips from you, Ashutosh?

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum
    Viola Tam recently posted…Stay-at-Home Mums – N for ‘No A.B. or C : No Arguing, No Begging, No Convincing’My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJuly 13,13

      Well, my tip would be to keep expanding the horizons with our fellow bloggers. Even, helping out people through forum participation can be of great help.

      Bloggers are a special breed who are the best self learners in this world. I am a strong supporter of self learning and strongly believe that no blogger can succeed without having a rich attribute to learn amongst a wide range of skill set and subjects.

      I am also a learner. There is so much to learn everyday and I am slowly continuing on this journey. Most probably, I will be coming up with some more posts on the topic related to SEO and organic backlinks. I don’t claim to be the Master but will love to share whatever I have learnt with time.

      Thanks once again for enriching my blog with your thoughtful contribution.

  4. Suhel Sayyad
    Suhel SayyadJuly 14,13

    This article seems to really informative for newbie’s like me. It is quite natural that people fall in for purchased back links and get cheated as they really don’t seems to be organic back links. Quality and Originality of content can only be the solution for the increase..

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJuly 14,13

      Hi Suhel,

      I am glad to hear that my article was informative to you. Being humans, sometimes we tend to get attracted towards the shortcuts and buying organic backlinks is one of those shortcuts, although it doesn’t lasts for long. Building organic backlinks is the only solution and believe me, it is not that tough. Moreover, it has dual benefits as it helps us build organic backlinks as well as attracts genuine traffic too.

      Thanks for walking in and enriching my blog with your thoughts.

  5. Carlie Hamilton
    Carlie HamiltonJuly 26,13

    A great, comprehensive post. I find that building relationships with other people is one of the best ways to get back links without having to “work hard”. By building relationships, people naturally link back to those people who they have a connection with.

    Of course, using a mixture of all these this great, it’s good to diversify. But I find community building the most enjoyable and the most rewarding.
    Carlie Hamilton recently posted…Reader Poll: What Social Media Tools Do You Use?My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJuly 26,13

      Hi Carlie,

      You are absolutely right. Diversifying is always a good practice as it keeps us safe and creates different ways to our success. I believe that community building is a must for bloggers, not only for building backlinks but also for building a good reputation amongst other bloggers.

      Blogging is all about sharing our thoughts with the words and it must not flow only in a unidirectional channel. Organic backlinks has changed the industry and given new dimension to the bloggers, which is quite positive.

      Thanks for walking in and enriching my blog with your thoughtful comments.

  6. Lisa
    LisaJuly 28,13

    Ashutosh, this is one of the best posts I’ve read on getting backlinks. I find it’s one of the harder things to do for SEO – especially for my retail website but this post did give me some ideas. I think I will try out the humorous one next. Thank you!
    Lisa recently posted…What Is A Social Media Manager Today?My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJuly 28,13

      Thanks Lisa for visiting my blog and leaving your kind appreciation for my post on getting organic backlinks.

      Humorous notes are quite positive in a sense to lighten up the mood of the reader. Everyone wants to be happy and if our posts can give them a reason to be happy, I am sure it is going to be loved by one and all.

      I am glad that my post has been useful to you and if it can help you get more traffic then I would be more happy to hear that.

      Please do share your results and keep visiting.

      Thank you once again.

  7. Nosa E Nosa
    Nosa E NosaAugust 14,13

    This is a lovely article. I only started improving my social presence on Facebook. It’s been a wonderful experience.

    Community building is very important aswell. I try as much as possible to answer to all my commenters, since I started it, I saw a steady increase in traffic. Some came back to drop a “thank you” comment after helping them while others vanish into the thin air.

    I like your point on Original contents. It’s hard but its the best way to ensure your blog grows. People love original things and they know when you write from your heart,.

    Nice tip, Thanks friend, 🙂
    Nosa E Nosa recently posted…How To Upload WordPress From localhost to Live ServerMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraAugust 14,13

      Welcome Nosa on my blog.

      Yes, Facebook has evolved as one of the most important channel to reach people. I believe that blogging is all about community participation as we all tend to learn something from each other. It is one of the best ways to disseminate our knowledge with each other and as a result it enhances our knowledge without any limit. Someone has rightly said that the more you share your knowledge, the more it increases.

      Original content has been the king and will remain the king always. After all, Internet is only a media to share original content and why would anyone come over, if we are writing the same old things in new packaging. Whatever be the importance of different SEO factors such as building organic backlinks, increasing pagespeed or any other, original content will always have the priority over everything else. I understand the worth of original content because of my vast experience in academia.

      Thanks for taking your time and enriching my blog with your valuable thoughts.

  8. Sirena Williams
    Sirena WilliamsSeptember 6,13

    Hey Ashutosh good article ! I especially like the concept of creating good relevant articles that people want to know about ! I practice that with my blog Online Biz Information and I have slowly watch my blog grow over time ! Such great results when you practice good techniques
    Sirena Williams recently posted…How To Create an Engaging Facebook Home PageMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraSeptember 6,13

      Hi Sirena,

      Thanks for taking your time to visit my blog. I am glad that you liked my article. Thanks once again.

      You are right, Internet has emerged as a primary source of information today and providing relevant quality content is the key behind the success and wide adaptability of Internet among masses. Even, I try to do the same by adding value to my readers. It is quite obvious that content has been the king and it will remain to be the kind forever. There is nothing that can ever replace the worth of good content.

      Instead of running behind only getting google backlinks isn’t going to serve any purpose, if the content has no value to it. Sooner or later, it will lose the value. We have an old saying that considers in doing good work without worrying about the results, also known as good Karma. I believe the same applies on our blogs too. We only need to work on relevant quality content and rest will follow behind it.

      Thanks for walking over, taking your valuable time and enriching my blog with your valuable thoughts. The efforts are highly appreciated as I believe that without visitors, a blog would have no relevance.

      Be in touch and keep writing. 🙂 Have a great weekend ahead.

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