Google HummingBird Algorithm Update Collects Internet Nectar

What is Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update ?

First, it was Google Penguin update, then Google Panda update and now Google HummingBird update, which was officially released on September 26, 2013. Google seems to be quite fascinated with animals and birds to reign the world of information for Humans. Google continued to name their Google search engine algorithm updates in the name of some animals and birds. It seems as if Google is trying to collect the sweetest nectars from the different flowers blooming in the garden of Internet.

Google Hummingbird Update for Better Search Results

Google HummingBird Update

Now, the billion dollar question is whether Google is really going to pick up the best flowers from Internet using their latest Google HummingBird SEO Search Engine Algorithm update or not! Amit Singhal, Senior Vice President of Search at Google has officially declared in the official release that latest Google HummingBird update is going to affect more than 90% searches done on Google. Another question, how about the rest 10% and I am sure Google is going to take care of the rest 10% search results in their next Google HummingBird Algorithm update.

Google Hummingbird update is not exactly an update but a substitute to the previous search engine algorithms launched by Google in the past. Caffeine Update was the last complete replacement experienced by the Internet from Google and now it is HummingBird while Penguin and Panda were nothing more than the updates to their existing search algorithm.

Hummingbird is an Innovative Google Search Engine Concept

Danny Sullivan has also made an analysis that Google HummingBird update is not actually an update but a complete replacement to the old search engine of Google. In simple words, we can say that it may be marked as a big and loud CHANGE in the history of Internet and may take away the sleeps of many Webmasters and site owners quite shortly. The rules of the Industry are changing once again, ready to sweep out many businesses out of the Internet and inviting some new and fresh entries in the world of Internet.

Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence in Hummingbird

Google HummingBird Algorithm is anticipated to be all about enhancing user’s experience by providing them more relevant material from the Internet.

An enhanced Knowledge graph and Natural Language Processing (NLP) with an inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts along with a refined form of Business Intelligence (BI) are some of the factors becoming the ingredient in the latest Google HummingBird Search Engine Algorithm update.

Google Pagespeed, Google Authorship and genuine Organic Backlinks aren’t supposed to lose their value even in the latest HummingBird update of Google.

You can click here to read more about an important “Strategy behind Building Genuine Organic Backlinks” for Google in my another article.

Business Process Reengineering from Google Inc.

Many businesses may go through some partial adjustments or a complete overhaul through Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and some sort of hue and cry may be heard in the time to come. Google Analysts are talking about queries and a better approach being developed by Google SEO towards finding the answers to the questions posed by the readers and seekers of information. Use of synonyms is a new and a prime area, much talked as being included in Google HummingBird. Social media such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter is also expected to take a driving seat behind the Google HummingBird algorithm update.

Another important factor included in HummingBird update is about parsing long sentences into small small words so as to filter out only the most relevant content, Geo-mapping tags for linking rich content based on the location relevance for the users is also expected to be included as an important factor. It may also mean that Google HummingBird Search Engine Results are going to be much more different and distinct in different regions.

Hummingbird – A New Direction to Online Businesses

HummingBird may also means a new business opportunity in terms of an increase in Google’s source of revenue. Many established businesses having good high Google Pagerank on Google SERP in past may lose their position and if that happens then they have no other option than to investment in developing new marketing strategies.

The ad revenue generated from Google Adwords may experience a growth pattern as more and more businesses may have to rely on Google’s Adwords strategy. The publishers may also get an increased share from Google’s increasing profit because of probably some increase in Google Adsense rates. Everything seems to be going new and fresh with lots of promises for many business houses, after all, revenue has been and will always remain the driving force behind any successful business strategy.

You can read more about “Successful Business Ideas – Inception to Implementation” in my another article by clicking here.

Google Hummingbird is Focussed at Conversational Search

Conversational Search is the new terminology considered to be the most important aspect behind Google HummingBird search engine update. Google has tried to design new search engine by developing some new modules while using some of the old modules too, which were good enough to be reused. One of the biggest and the most important question hovering the mind of site owners as well as Webmasters includes whether Google HummingBird algorithm update is going to hit them and if yes then whether its going to have positive or negative affects on their organic traffic.

Unofficially, Google HummingBird has already been rolled out around a month back, according to some sources. It could be a bad news for all the Webmasters and site owners who are experiencing a loss in their organic traffic coming directly from Google, the reason is quite obvious – Google HummingBird Search Engine Algorithm Update. Good news for all those Webmasters and site owners, who haven’t seen any changes to their organic traffic, simply meaning that they have successfully sailed through this major change with the latest HummingBird search engine algorithm update.

Content is King for One and All

Google is supporting the same old philosophy of “Original Content is the King” and motivates the publishers to publish only high quality material that is relevant and adds value to the knowledge graph. The content must have the information to add value to user’s knowledge experience.

The success of Google HummingBird as well as Google SEO Algorithms will be judged by the users, site owners and Webmasters in the times to come. It will also work as a feedback behind Google’s frequent updates strategy.

Is Google going to Rock with the new and latest HummingBird search engine algorithm update or is it going to be one more step towards its suicidal strategy will be known only with time.

You can read my another article on “Why Google might be taking a Suicidal Track with frequent Google Algorithmic Changes” by following this link.

What is the Future of Google Hummingbird Update !

Although, if Google succeeds in taking the world of Internet and happy users, site owners and Webmasters along its side then there is nothing that can stop them from rocking the world of Internet but if Google starts rolling once again over the dead bodies of some genuine big businesses which are based on Google for their organic web traffic then we all know the result.

Don’t you think, agree or disagree with me on the exposure of thoughts about “Google HummingBird Algorithm Update to Collect Nectar from Internet” !

Let us Talk and Discuss.


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  1. Arleen
    ArleenOctober 3,13

    Oh Boy, here we go again. It looks like Google is trying to increase traffic to Ad Sense. I think with HummingBird Algorithm and all Google updates, content is king. I think Google with every update is parsing long sentences. So your title and description tags should be keep to minimum. Great article. I had no idea we had another update.
    Arleen recently posted…Have You Heard of Do Something Nice Day? It’s October 5th!My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 3,13

      Hi Arleen,

      Thanks for coming over to my blog.

      Yes, you are right, the latest Google hummingbird update is not only the talk of the town but the talk of the world.

      Content has been the king and will remain the king forever, irrespective of Google or any other updates that may even come in future. The day content is pushed back, the Internet, Blog and sites will lose their relevance. After all, the core is only and only the content. Google is trying to develop their search engine to bring it close to humans but only time is going to let us know about the success behind their strategy. A machine can never match a human and I am a firm believer of this simple but the most important fact.

      Thanks once again for enriching my blog with your comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting.

  2. Carolyn
    CarolynOctober 3,13

    Hi Ashutosh, Thanks for an excellent explanation of the new Google search Hummingbird update. I had been hearing about it but hadn’t learned exactly what it was.

    I haven’t seen any impact on my traffic from Hummingbird, have you? I was hoping for some correction post Panda but there hasn’t been a change.
    Carolyn recently posted…edX – Get Schooled by Top Universities for Free!My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 3,13

      Welcome to my blog Carolyn. 🙂

      I am glad that you liked the the exposure of my thoughts on the Google latest and biggest algorithm update termed as HummingBird. Hope that you understand it now and congratulations to you for not getting any adverse affect on your blog traffic due to this latest update from Google. It simply means that you have successfully sailed through and have reached in safe zone. Even my traffic is unaffected without showing any harmful effect from Google HummingBird update.

      Many people were expecting an update to Google Panda but it has been a suprise to get a complete change in their search engine.

      Thanks for walking by and enriching my blog with your valuable comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting.

  3. Hiten
    HitenOctober 4,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    This was an excellent post. I too was wondering what impact this change would have for businesses depending on organic traffic based on SEO and keywords.

    It will be interesting to see how content creators may need to change their approaches in light of updates by Google.

    Thank you.
    Hiten recently posted…How to Get Your Week Off to a Super StartMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 4,13

      Hi Hiten,

      I am glad to know that you liked the post.
      Latest Google HummingBird Update has already been into action from around last one month and it would have already affected the organic traffic of many sites. The sites experiencing no changes in their organic traffic from Google must have sailed through this major update from Google but those who got affected need to change their approach.

      It seems that Google has been quite careful this time not to turn the results upside down to gain the trust of the market. A good strategy by Google for a long term sustainable growth.

      Thanks Hiten for walking over and enriching my blog with your valuable comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting.

  4. Mary Stephenson
    Mary StephensonOctober 4,13

    Hi Ashutosh
    Google Hummingbird, I thought they would have stayed with black and white animals. I got hit hard with their Panda and took a year to recover, but things are fine now. All those easy traffic promises did not work very well. Once I got rid of those sources and the promises they made, my numbers started to go in the right direction.
    I guess they could make things work in their favor with Google Adwords or I suppose I could let them place ads on my site, but I think I will just not worry too much about playing their game. Making money has pretty much gone out the window for me on my site, so I just write to write and make connections where I can.
    Thanks for explaining the latest update.
    Mary Stephenson recently posted…To Those Who Have Influenced MeMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 4,13

      Welcome Mary to my blog. 🙂 I am glad to have you around.

      Well, it seems that Google finally got bored from their black and white approach so finally decided to turn on the colours this time, a colourful attractive HummingBird. 🙂

      In my short journey in the blogging arena, I have experienced that nothing is easy and we have to work hard behind everything, irrespective of the most luring promises that may float on our way. I am glad to hear that your number are going in the right direction now.

      You are so right in saying that we should not get engaged playing their games, instead, we must develop our own strategy so that even if something went wrong with them in future, then we have the least affect of those changes on our sites.

      Thanks Mary for walking in and enriching my blog with your valuable comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting.

  5. Adrienne
    AdrienneOctober 4,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    I read about this yesterday and personally I think Google really needs to improve their search results.

    For instance my post today is about an issue I’ve been having for months that I cannot find any solution to because when you type it in the search results I get everything but what I want. The exact search isn’t very helpful either.

    I know that times I’ve gotten so upset with Google for their updates because I’ve been going by the rules yet I’d still get punished in some way. It’s because they tell us this works great, do it like this and then a year goes by and all of a sudden that doesn’t work so great anymore. Way too much content out there to fix wouldn’t you agree?

    Well thanks for updating us and I’m eager to see what the change will bring. So far I haven’t seen much but maybe it’s way too early to tell.

    Adrienne recently posted…HELP: When Spam Is Not SpamMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 4,13

      Welcome to my blog Adrienne. 🙂 I am glad to see that you took out your time visiting my blog.

      I completely agree with you on the point that Google needs to improve their search results and their latest update HummingBird is their approach to offer better search results. At the same time, I also believe that machine will remain machine and irrespective of the ways a search engine’s algorithm works, it can never match the intelligence of humans. It is really strange to observe that what Google considers as good one day is thrown away the other day, and they come out with their results letting us know that it wasn’t worth the efforts.

      I don’t think that any machine algorithm will ever be able to bypass the intelligence and the human factor that we have embibed deep in ourselves. They really need to work harder with more concepts of Aritifical Intelligence being involved in their search engine algorithms. Google HummingBird update is again another step from them, the results would be better known in the times to come. Even, I am quite eager to see the effect of Google’s latest update and to know whether it is taking them in a positive direction or negative.

      Thanks Adrienne for visiting my blog and enriching the value of my post with your valuable comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  6. Kumar Chandan
    Kumar ChandanOctober 4,13

    Hi, Ashutosh,
    Indeed very true. 🙂
    Google is following the old philosophy original content is the king, not only original but descriptive too. Humming bird is much more smarter than old algorithms. It can understand the sense of the query and display its result according to the sense.

    Totally, there is no room left for web spammers. Any how you have to have descriptive keywords to get your website in Google result.

    The algorithm seems a bit harsh; however, it is very useful for searchers. I am hoping some thing good from it. Lets see what happen in the future.
    Thank you for sharing some wonderful information. 🙂
    Have a great day ahead. 🙂
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…HummingBird; A smarter search algorithm.My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 4,13

      Welcome to my blog Kumar Chandan. 🙂

      You are absolutely right, we all are quite hopeful with the latest Google update HummingBird. We all need good content, irrespective of whether we are bloggers or readers but one of the most important questions is the inclusion of human like intelligence in a machine algorithm. I don’t say that the things aren’t improving, in fact, today’s search engines are much more evolved than the search engines from a decade back.

      HummingBird is also trying to focus on synonyms instead of only relying on keywords. Only the future will let us know the success behind Google’s latest update in form of HummingBird and luckily, this update hasn’t caused much harm to site as it was done with Google’s previous Penguin and Panda updates.

      Internet is all about information, knowledge and wisdom, there is no doubt, we all need the relevant and good descriptive material being published. I too hope that it offers something positive to the digizens of Internet.

      Thanks Chandan for taking in your time, walking by and enriching my blog with your valuable comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  7. Susan Velez
    Susan VelezOctober 4,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    I’ve read a little bit on the Hummingbird algorithm update but really did not understand what it was.

    It seems like everytime you turn around Google is making another update. This one doesn’t seem like it will affect a lot of people.

    Long gone are the days that you could just stuff keywords into your posts to get great rankings.

    I haven’t seen that many changes yet, but maybe it’s still too early to notice a difference? Thanks for sharing and have a great day.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Income Earnings For September 2013My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 4,13

      Welcome Susan to by blog Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      You are absolutely right, it seems Google love changes and its latest update HummingBird is another feather of change flapped by Google recently. Google seems to have learned from the effects of its previous update that created a lot of hue and cry when some genuine good sites lost their position in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google has been cautious this time not to go against the majority of sites while trying to get on the relevancy of the content through their algorithms.

      Well, if you haven’t seen any changed in your organic traffic coming directly from Google then you have a reason to rejoice because you have sailed through the latest Google update. As much as I have understood, the change has already been rolled and the sites that were supposed to get affected have already been affected. We cannot rule out a possibility of some more frequent changes to HummingBird but at least for now, the wave has already swept the world of Internet.

      Thanks for taking your time, giving a visit and enriching my blog with your valuable comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  8. Pramod
    PramodOctober 4,13

    Excellent explanation Ashutosh!
    You made me aware of the points that i didn’t know .Do you have any info on the page rank update? .

    Pramod recently posted…HCL ME Champ vs Swipe Junior :Specifications,Price ComparedMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 4,13

      Welcome Pramod to by blog Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      I am glad that my explanation about Google latest search engine algorithm HummingBird has helped you clear your doubts. There couldn’t be a better complement than to know that people are gaining some value enhancement in their knowledge base after reading my post.

      As far as Google Pagerank update is concerned, the topic is still under research and as soon as I am ready with some fruitful results, I would be glad to share it with all of you.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and enriching it with the kind words of appreciation.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  9. Diana
    DianaOctober 4,13

    Hey, Ashutosh!

    I read your post twice, along with the comments which said “great post, good insights and such – but to be honest, i didn’t quite get the point of your post – with all those ads and redirects to other posts in block-quotes, man – that’s distracting, and probably what the big G will penalize some day (if it hasn’t yet 🙂 maybe i missed the point in the visual noise so let me ask you…

    You say “Conversational Search is the new terminology considered to be the most important aspect behind Google HummingBird search engine update” – but what does this really mean? what’s this “conversational search” and what does this new update actually look for and uses as criteria to boost (or penalize) websites?

    On a larger note – i think people are generally over obsessed with the whole google updates and pleasing. I have always created content for my blog readers in mind first, and doing little SEO here and there just because i have the time and it doesn’t cost me anything. I have done that for clients, too. And i gotta tell you – i have never had a penalty and all of the blogs i have run have had steady and healthy growing traffic from Google. Google is almost always my top traffic source.

    Bottom line – updates or not, write for your readers and give useful info and you’re golden 🙂

    Thanks for the post and i will be on the lookout for your answer to my question 😉
    Diana recently posted…Blog Commenting – Have It or Not?My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 4,13

      Welcome Diana to my blog Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      I am glad to see your reasoning about my post on Google’s latest update HummingBird, in fact, too many questions.Let me try sincerely to answer all the points popped by one by one.

      The first point about distraction.

      Well, I have tried to position the ads so that it doesn’t interferes with the reading experience of the viewers, but if you feel that it is distracting, I will surely have a relook at it and consider your point. As far as those links in blocks, it is simply to help newbies to understand some of the other aspects related to the topic, although if they want to go through it, they can follow the links to some other articles related to it and if not, they can simply ignore it.

      Your next point is about Big G penalizing some day. No, I have clearly mentioned that the update has been effective from around a month back unofficially and all the sites which aren’t yet affected by the update have sailed through this update with no negative effect of this HummingBird update on their site.

      Lets get down to the other point about conversational search. It is an aspect of Natural Language Processing (NLP) with an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), whereby the search engine algorithms will look at a sentence in the same way as we converse with each other. The base of conversational search would be a better approach towards parsing of sentences, meaning a better approach towards breaking the sentences into small chunks so that it can understand the meaning of the query in human perspective. Something just like we converse with each other, different people use different ways of saying the same thing. The effect of conversational search would show up in terms of different set of sites getting filtered on SERP, which may or may not be different from the previous results, depending on how well a particular page meets the rules and semantics of the HummingBird algorithm.

      Content is the King – I am a firm believer and I have mentioned that very clearly by stating that Google is following the same philosophy in their best efforts to pick only the relevant content on their SERP.

      I don’t think we have a different point of view here, although we are using different conversational methods to talk about the same thing. In fact, this is an example of conversational search that this latest update HummingBird is talking about. We both are saying the same thing but with different perspectives and when we say conversational search, it means that Google search engine is going to figure out that we both are talking about the same topic.

      Most of us are writing for humans, not for machines but there are many instances whereby people are trying to write for machines and this latest update is trying to fetch only those pages which are written for human. It is an important step by Google to help people who are really putting in the best of their efforts and penalizing those who are not giving much value to the readers. By penalizing, we mean that those pages won’t get up in SERP.

      The bottomline has always been and will remain the same. If we are writing for humans then none of the past, present or future updates are going to affect the results. The latest update from Google, named as HummingBird may become a leaping step to make Internet a better and more valuable source of information, knowledge and wisdom shared with each other.

      So, that is all about the questions posed by you and I am glad that you did. I have tried to pick up each and every point so that I can do justice to all of them. In fact, if I have missed on something, I would be glad to hear back once again.

      Thanks Diana for visiting my blog and enriching it with excellent questions to enrich it further.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

      • Diana
        DianaOctober 30,13

        Thanks for addressing all my points, Ashutosh – much appreciated! 🙂

        • Ashutosh Kasera
          Ashutosh KaseraOctober 30,13

          You are always welcome Diana. It was a pleasure to have such a thought provoking comment. 🙂

  10. Emmanuel
    EmmanuelOctober 4,13

    After Panda and Penguin, we now have the Humming Bird. This is the third post I’m reading with respect to Google and their Humming bird thing.
    Emmanuel recently posted…4 Myths about BloggingMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 5,13

      Welcome Emmanuel to my blog Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      HummingBird is the latest update launched by Google in an effort to offer a better user experience after their previous updates named as Panda and Penguin. We still need to see and figure out the ways in which, it is going to offer a better experience and how does the world of digizens going to perceive it.

      Thanks for walking over and leaving your valuable comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting.

  11. Susan Neal
    Susan NealOctober 5,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    Thanks very much for enlightening us with this post, but I’m afraid I find all these algorithmic changes just give me an enormous headache! I do my best to make my site user-friendly and to provide high quality content, and I try not to make any obvious errors, by avoiding duplication etc. but beyond that, and some very basic on-page SEO, I don’t have the time, brain-power or inclination to adjust the way I blog to fit in with Google’s ever-changing rules and regulations. I live in hope that eventually the algorithms will just reward sites like mine that try to provide value for readers. Strikes me you need a PhD to be able to understand it all and a team of SEO experts to help you comply with the rules!

    I do think it’s a shame they’ve chosen to use the name of yet another beautiful creature for this one. Pandas and penguins used to be regarded as cute and cuddly……
    Susan Neal recently posted…A Simple but Powerful Writing Tip From Ricky GervaisMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 5,13

      Hi Susan 🙂

      I am glad to hear that you liked my post. You are right in saying that these algorithms may cause a headache, if we take them too seriously. Moreover, even a Ph.d. or a team of experts may not be sufficient enough to work meeting the rules specified in algorithms and Google’s latest update HummingBird is again a new challenge for many people around.

      Well, according to me, whatever you are doing is perfect as we bloggers are trying our best to offer only useful and relevant content to our readers. I believe that these Google updates such as Panda, Penguin or even the latest one HummingBird isn’t going to affect most of us bloggers. During my interaction with my wonderful blogger friends, I have realised that none of them are affected with Google’s latest update. It is a big loud proof that we bloggers are heading in the right direction.

      In fact, as much as I can analyse under the light of my own understanding, information and knowledge; Google is running behind us and not we bloggers are running behind Google. After all, it is Google’s responsibility as the search engine king to find the most relevant content produced by bloggers and if they fail to do so, it is a big loss for them, not for any of us bloggers.

      HummingBird is their latest approach towards finding the most relevant content from the Internet by the seekers of information by using their advanced algorithmic techniques. Completely agree with you, the names of such cute creatures are used in this race of information technology.

      Thanks Susan for taking in your time to visit my blog and enriching it with your though provoking thoughtful thoughts enhancing the value of this post about Google’s latest update HummingBird.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  12. Muhammadsaleem
    MuhammadsaleemOctober 5,13

    Hi Ashutosh,
    Google is changing his criteria day by day to rank a website and humming bird update is proof of this. So we have to change our strategies as Google changes. You have provide us a complete information about it which is really worth for me.
    Muhammadsaleem recently posted…Effective ways to Build Blog ReputationMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 5,13

      Welcome Muhammad Saleem to Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      I am glad to hear that you got some value addition from my post about the latest Google update HummingBird.

      You are absolutely right, Google is changing and there is nothing wrong in it. After all, change has been the basic motivating force to help us evolve as we are today.

      Well, as far as the change in strategy, I don’t think there is a need to do that, especially for bloggers. We had already been working hard to offer the best of the content and Google too believes the same “Content is the King”. I haven’t changed anything yet, neither do I have any plans to change anything in the future.

      I had been writing for humans and will keep continue writing for humans. Google is just trying to get better so that it succeeds in finding only the most relevant and good content to the readers asking Google about it.

      Thanks for walking by and enriching my blog with your comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  13. Adesanmi Adedotun
    Adesanmi AdedotunOctober 6,13

    Hi Kasera,

    Google just keep rolling different update but they let go off the most important to bloggers which is PageRank, all I pray for is that my blog will be in favour of Google update including the new penguin 2.1
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…5 Don’t of blog trafficMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 6,13

      Hi Adesanmi,

      Welcome to Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      You are right, Google keep on rolling updates and now it is HummingBird. Everyone is quite eagerly waiting for Google’s next PageRank update to see what they think of different sites and blogs. All the best to you and your blog and I am sure that Google is going to reward those bloggers and site owners who are publishing quality rich content for the audience.

      Thanks for walking in and leaving your valuable comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  14. Harleena Singh
    Harleena SinghOctober 6,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    Sorry for coming in late – just been having a lot of connectivity problems, though I’m glad I’m here now 🙂

    This is a very detailed post on the Google Hummingbird as compared to many that I’ve been reading all along this past week. I just hope it comes and goes without impacting people’s traffic – as I don’t see it impact mine, nor the recent Penguin update 2 days back.

    It does get frustrating at times when so many updates keep taking place so often, which just make you sit and wonder – how many more! But IF you are going the right path and writing genuine content that your readers like, I don’t think you should really bother about such updates. I really don’t bother much, other than read about them and let go….that’s really the only way to remain happy 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…How Social Media Can Rock CausesMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 6,13

      Hi Harleena,

      Thanks for taking up your precious time to visit my blog. I am glad to see you here. After all, it is better to be late and safe always. 🙂 Sad to hear about your encounter with the connectivity as I did noticed a slowdown in your activity.

      A bigger thanks for the kind words of appreciation on my post Google HummingBird, it is good to know that you found it detailed. I am sure, if Google HummingBird or even the latest Penguin Update 2 hasn’t affected your site traffic yet then you have sailed through safely with these latest updates rolled by Google.

      Moreover, we bloggers are more concerned about our readers rather than machines. When we are working on rich quality content then it is Google’s responsibility and headache to tweak their search algorithms so that they are able to find us, nor we changing our writing style to get caught by them. Lets us do what we are good at and let Google do what they are good at doing themselves, right!

      After all, it is Google’s headache to write down their search algorithms in a so as to find the best and the most relevant content from the Internet. 🙂

      It also seems that Google has learned from the mass destruction caused in past due to their search algorithms updates and they have been taking a careful approach now. Its a good strategy because they cannot survive long after causing undesired damage to quality sites, it makes them lose their own trust and faith in the market.

      Thanks once again for walking by to enrich the value of my blog with your thought provoking comment. 🙂

      Be happy and keep smiling.

  15. Sylviane Nuccio
    Sylviane NuccioOctober 8,13

    Wow, that’s the firs post I read about this. here comes a bird again.

    Looks like Google has done more search engine updates in the last three years than ever before since this search engine giant is into existence.

    Thank you for the updates. Lots of info here 🙂
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…Thankful Monday!My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 8,13

      Hi Sylviane,

      Welcome to my blog as I am glad to see you around. 🙂

      You are right, another bird named as HummingBird left in the Internet world by Google to collect quality information from the huge sea. Google seems to have been working hard to find the most relevant content and they are trying to work harder with more and more frequent updates. They seem to dominate the market by assuring people that they are the best.

      Its glad to know that you found my post informative. Thanks a lot for walking over to my blog and enriching it with your valuable comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  16. Reginald
    ReginaldOctober 11,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    Well written and thanks for sharing. This is rather interesting I would say. Personally, I think that Google Hummingbird has many ‘things’ behind it and I got a feeling it is hitting on sites such as micro niche ones.

    Well, that’s just my 2 cents but love your input mate!

    Keep it up and definitely coming back for more.
    Reginald recently posted…Does A Mailing List Plugin Increases Conversion Rate?My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 11,13

      Welcome Reginald to Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      You are right, the latest update from Google HummingBird may be hiding so much behind it. Time will unfold everything and the manner in which it is going to change the dynamics of the online Industry.

      Luckily, I haven’t heard any negative vibes from any of my blogger friends about this latest update HummingBird from Google. I believe that Google has been quite careful with this update so as to avoid any negatives vibes spreading in the Internet world.

      Thanks for taking your time and liking my blog post. Its good to see the enhanced value of my blog post with such valuable comments Reginald.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  17. Manikandan
    ManikandanOctober 11,13

    Thanks Ashutosh for this great analysis. I was worried about my traffic change; thinking what went wrong but after reading about hummingbird update, I got the idea of quality content and backlinks.
    I am new in this field; learning from the experience of people like you.
    Manikandan recently posted…Looking for a Sarkari Naukri? Top 5 Useful Ways to Find itMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 11,13

      Welcome Manikandan to Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      Well, we all are learners so don’t expect that we know a lot. Internet is such a big sea can never be mastered by anyone completely. There are regular updates and we need to keep ourselves updated with all the latest happenings and technological developments going around.

      Google HummingBird update is another sincere effort from Google to filter out only relevant quality contents and believe me my friend, Content will always be the king. After all, blogging and Internet is all about content and it would lose its essence after pulling out the content. Backlinks are a way to quantify the quality of content by machine algorithms and Google is trying to do it the best, although the success can only be known with time.

      Thanks Manikandan for visiting my blog and enhancing its value with your rich comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  18. Piyush Mathur
    Piyush MathurOctober 16,13

    Hi Ashutosh,

    We are moving from spam, and towards actual human interaction! And now…the “bots” are becoming more human in the process.

    I wonder, whats next?

    Piyush Mathur recently posted…Take a look at the beautiful Autumn XLV rock panel Ledgestone from South IndiaMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 16,13

      Hi Piyush,

      Machines can never ever interact like humans and I have no doubts about it. Machine will remain machine and believe me, bots will never become or even get any close to humans. Let me give you an example. Do you notice the growth of Social Media ! The incredible growth creating a huge wave of social media is the biggest proof that machines are once again going to be pushed back in front of human intelligence, behaviour and emotions.

      Thanks for walking over and enhancing the value of my post with your comment.

  19. Gilbert Samuel
    Gilbert SamuelOctober 19,13

    Hi Ashutosh

    Great write up, I’m among the 10% that didn’t wasn’t affected by humming bird, I have a friend that was hit twice, by the recent penguin 2.1 and humming bird. His impression went from 5,500 daily to 500, that’s huge.

    In my opinion, humming bird is mainly focused on niche sites. Have a wonderful week ahead.
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…How to Get Addicted to the Habit of Guest BloggingMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraOctober 19,13

      Hi Gilbert,

      Welcome to my blog Exposure of Thoughts 🙂

      First of all, my heartiest congratulations on sailing over the recent updates from Google. It didn’t even affected traffic on my site and it is in itself the biggest proof that our contents are good. On the other hand, in my opinion, if my readers are happy with my content, if they find some value in it, I won’t need any certificate from Google.

      It is a pleasure for me to know that you liked my thoughts about the topic. I want and I do write for humans, not for machines because after all, these are the real people who are visiting my blog for some value addition.

      Thanks Gilbert for walking over to my blog and enriching it with your valuable comment.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  20. Dheeraj Jain
    Dheeraj JainNovember 17,13

    Hi Ashutosh,
    great article. this is really very nice description of Google humming bird. I came across so many new things about humming bird update in this post. this update is really one of the most interesting and biggest change in internet.
    This update will help us to get to know the real things on the internet and spams and not so real content will be removed, that is great, all thanks to “spiders”.
    thanks for sharing wonderful post with us.
    Dheeraj Jain recently posted…Elfxpedition Game App for iOSMy Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraNovember 18,13

      Hi Dheeraj,

      Welcome to my blog Exposure of Thoughts. 🙂

      I am glad that you liked my post and found some value information embedded in it.

      You are right, latest update from Google Hummingbird is a new feather in Google’s cap. We all are expecting it to filter out only relevant and quality content, hopefully it serves the purpose.

      Thanks for taking your time to visit my blog and leaving a valuable comment to enhance its value further.

      Keep writing and keep visiting. 🙂

  21. Trivedi Jay
    Trivedi JayMay 26,14

    Yeah Ashutosh Kasera you are absolutely right 🙂

    Also My view of point Google always loves better seo optimized and high speedy websites to show in first page of search results.
    Trivedi Jay recently posted…Download ProStore Modern Magazine Adsense CPC Theme.My Profile

    • Ashutosh Kasera
      Ashutosh KaseraJune 6,14

      Hi Jay Trivedi,

      Welcome to my blog Exposure of Thoughts 🙂

      You are so right, Google also need good websites full of rich content that loads up quickly. It is not that only we bloggers or site owners need Google to find them. I believe it is all mutual. If Google fails to filter out quality sites, its popularity will go down in the world of Internet.

      Thanks for stopping by and enriching my blog with your thoughts.

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