National Cyber Olympiad Haryana State Topper

National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) Haryana State Topper – Mehul Arora

Computer is not merely a game for a ten year old bright student of class 5, although he did started his computer romance by playing computer games. Mehul Arora is the Haryana State Topper of 13th National Cyber Olympiad (NCO). Mr. Anurag Arora and Ms. Deepika Arora are the proud parents of this young bright kid.

Today, Computer holds the key to his future as his aspiration is to become an IT professional, not because of his parents, but because he is in love with Computer. Mehul is busy learning Python programming language these days and dreams to contribute towards the development of future technologies to create better lives for humans.

Motivation for National Cyber Olympiad Aspirants

Mehul Arora is the motivation for many other NCO aspirants. When most of the students of his age group are complaining about shortage of time, Mehul says – “Time has never been a constraint for me. Apart from everything else I always manage to go out and play every day with my friends. I have a fixed timetable for everything which enables me to complete my homework, do extra studies, watch TV and play on computer.”

Mehul also enjoys surfing Internet, reading books such as Inventions and Discoveries, story books as well as novels.

NCO Haryana State Topper Loves to Write Journals

National Cyber Olympiad Haryana State Topper Mehul Arora

Recently, he has also developed an interest in writing journals. We at Exposure of Thoughts advise him to start a personal blog. Free, easy and simple blogging platforms such as and could be instrumental in offering him a good exposure at honing his writing skills as well as meet like minded people from different parts of the world.

Exposure of thoughts is also a result of free blog started in 2006 at Later on, it was shifted to a private domain along with the launch of this and several other new blogs. Blogging could be a great learning experience for all kind of students as you can write about anything that captures your interest.

National Cyber Olympiad Biggest Challenge

According to Mehul, covering the entire syllabus was a big challenge, specially the part which was not covered in the school syllabus. It was also difficult to visualise the internal computer hardware as he has seen it only in pictures and not live.

His teachers helped him understand the fundamental concepts, parents helped him arrange all the required NCO books and rest were the efforts of Mehul. His strict disciplinary approach towards his studies and hard work returned the results when the world got to know about 13th National Cyber Olympiad Haryana State Topper Mehul Arora.

National Cyber Olympiad Books and NCO Study Material

Computer has not only been a source of interest, but also a means to achieve success in the 13th NCO as he also relied on computer for his studies. He studied from the books suggested by Science Olympiad Foundation and MTG, learned the concepts and then practised it on computer.

It helped him understand the type and level of questions asked in National Cyber Olympiad. According to him, the books provided by Science Olympiad Foundation and MTG are enough to crack the competition. When we asked him about his winning strategy at National Cyber Olympiad, he answered –

“Anybody who is participating in Cyber Olympiad should not try to mug up. Computers is about understanding and exploring and not about mugging up. You should love and enjoy working on the computers. Regular, everyday spending one hour on the computer/reading books is enough for reaching at the top. Do not burden yourself with studies. Study to learn and not just to gain marks. Do not study one day before the exam, it never helps.”

Information Technology is Changing Lives

Mehul has been preparing for the Olympiad from the last three years. He always secured the first position in school, but this time it was the first in the State. Now, he is aspiring to secure top rankings at the International level. Primary goal of his life is to improve the human life by the application of innovative technologies.

Mehul is a little different from the other kids at his age group. When most of the other kids in town are aspiring to become engineers and doctors, he aspires to work with sixth sense technology. He want to create devices using IT to improve the life of a common man and help disabled children to lead a normal life.

Is Google merely a Search Engine ?

Mehul Arora – Haryana State Topper of 13th National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)

Being asked about his role model, Mehul says – “I don’t have a role model but the lives of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg have inspired me a lot.” According to Mehul Arora, Google is not merely a search engine, but Google is a rich resource behind many services.

Google has also created a Santa Tracker for the joy of kids. Google is a research oriented organization, also responsible for creating one of the smartest invention Google Glass.

According to his parents, “Mehul likes to create stories based on cartoon characters. He also dreams of making a robot like the cartoon ‘Transformers’. Mehul does not study much, but it is just that he is more curious and inquisitive about things. Any time, he knows better than us in IT. For any new gadget in the house, we depend on him for its functioning.”

Inspiration for Aspirants of NCO – Mehul Arora

We congratulate Mehul Arora and his parents for his great achievement, on securing the Haryana State Topper position for the 13th NCO and for being such a bright student. We believe, this is just a small step towards achieving a bigger goal.

We wish him success and good luck in all his future endeavours. We would also like to thank Mehul Arora, his proud parents Mr. Anurag Arora and Ms. Deepika Arora for giving us an opportunity to share his achievements and his winning strategy with our readers.

We hope and wish that many other NCO aspirants would benefit from his tips, many more students making it to the top of National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) in the coming years.


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